Remember the Jamie Dimon Christmas Card? Remember the Jamie Dimon cufflinks? Remember how JPMorgan was a key player in the Bernie Madoff Scandal? Remember how Jamie Dimon has personal intervention sessions with US Dept. of Justice Officials?

You’d have to be a naive or delusional lunatic to not understand that the very highest levels of the United States government are running protection for JPMorgan chase. Or alternatively, you could suspect that JPMorgan Chase held so much power that it can extort, bribe, coerce the entirety of the United States Government not to enforce based on threats of systemic collapse.

Whatever the case, it’s certainly clear that no laws or rules apply to the banking class….they certainly appear to be large scale criminal organizations….that operate with the protection of the US Government.

The most significant issue that will face this nation in our lifetime will be the total collapse of law enforcement or regulation of elites.  This collapse, the collapse of our nation’s legal system, is far more damaging in the long run than anything we have ever faced.  It it goes on abetted….


The government has been looking into whether J.P. Morgan, which had a two-decade relationship with Madoff, ignored warning signs that the operation he was running was actually a giant Ponzi scheme. Banks are supposed to report suspicious activity by clients.

But the Treasury Department, in its investigation, couldn’t seem to catch a break: In May, the Treasury’s inspector-general office subpoenaed J.P. Morgan for Madoff-related documents, but J.P. Morgan declined. Then Treasury asked the Department of Justice to enforce the subpoena, but the Justice Department declined that request in September.


Never forget this card:


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