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Foreclosure Defense Florida


foreclosure-judgesI’ve been warning loudly that our most basic right…the 4th Amendment right to be secure in your home is under attack because the Jack Booted Thugs from the banks now take it upon themselves to kick down doors whenever they choose….and no one will do anything about it….well now no less authority has taken a big, big chunk out of that formerly important protection…..cops are now free to kick down your door…..

United States Supreme Courts Says It’s Okay To Kick Down Your Door

And closer to home, an announcement from a Chief Judge that shows just how big and powerful the forces of evil we’re fighting are in this state….

Chief Judge Leaves Bench To Join Foreclosure Mill


  • John Anderson says:

    Unbelievable! I guess the cops will have to have a small amount of pot with them “along with a drop knife” in case they break into the wrong room. the maryjane laws have worked well for law enforcement, I can see they hate to lose the tool in states where decriminalization has occurred. I suggest folks visit
    It stands for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
    As a former Deputy Sheriff I endorse their cause.

    As to the Judge, GOOD RIDDENCE, he can do far less damage as a bag man, than a Chief Judge.

  • leapfrog says:

    This is very disturbing. Its even MORE DISTURBING that Florida’s corrupt state officials refuse to do anything about it. I hear they are now after you and your fellow fraudclosure fighters for having the “audacity” to exercise freedom of speech or to even dare to stand up to these TOTALITARIAN tactics. They are trying to eliminate due process of law for the average citizen and trample our civil rights. I hope the ACLU joins this fight. Our very freedoms are at stake due to the gross misuse of power by the banksters, lobbyists, their government lackeys and the corrupt judges who support this insidious and malignant system.

  • keepon says:

    …or how about going on 60 minutes, telling what the true meaning of is is, and having them go after your relatives, or friends. How DEPRAved is that? The perfect exemplore of one’s right to free speech in the US: you have the right to free speech- oh, didn’t we tell you; we just wrote consequences. They’re robo-signed.

    Millions watched the expose, so i guess millions will be watching out where they speak freely. Apologies in advance, but I mean it as a fact: did Akerman-Senterfeit have any relatives in Nazi Germany? What were the lessons learned there again- lest we forget?

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