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Transcript From A Judge That Really “Get’s It”

Finally, a judge that finally is speaking freely about what happens in court every single day…..

the Court’s
experience with law firms in these
matters — when I have to touch a file
more times than I need to because of
sloppy, shoddy, negligent work done by
attorneys that rises to the level of
gross negligence, especially in a matter
like this, somebody’s losing their
The idea that these cases should be
handled in some sort of factory fashion
may be okay for you but it is not okay
for the Court.



  • Mediator Ken says:

    Wow! That’s not the first time Judge Lando has done that, but that reaming was extra intense.

    It seems like this order predates Freddie/Fannie pulling there files from Ben-Ezra. Interesting.

  • JamesM2 says:

    Quote from the transcript:

    MR. CORNELL: Your Honor, that was filed after I left the firm. I left the firm in May of 2000 —
    THE COURT: I’m sorry. Is that your signature?
    MR. CORNELL: Yes

    I think, if his signature appears on a motion after he left the firm, it indicates what we have been saying all along, CLERKS in the law firm sign motions with squiggles pretending to be lawyers, sometimes even pretending to be lawyers who have left the law firm.

    • Mediator Ken says:


      That’s not an issue in this situation. He had signed the summary judgment, it was his signature. The point he was making (and I don’t know why he was making it because it makes no difference) is that he had already left the firm when the motion was actually filed, not that he wasn’t the one who signed it.

  • litgant says:


    A judge who hates being called a black robed robo-shyster.

    Why can judges like this pry into fraud and bring it out, and then later treat defendants who challenge fraud like dog dodo?

    Was this just a freak PMS moment or did this judge start functioning according to the rule of law without prejudice against defendants?

    I do no think many male judges are going to take up her style or manner, because they may see such as being a PMS judiciary and they don’t have these monthly issues.

    Well, I believe all these robo-lawyers who file fraudulent documents should be held in contempt and reported to the Bar. But many of these judges drink, do dope and women, play golf and go fishing, TOGETHER. So they are not going to find them in contempt.

    Matt, it must be hard for you to keep defending clients when the courts are so biased against you for not only being a popular man in the media, but also because you stand up for the rights of your clients. And it appears to me, these judges want you to take our money and then come into court and roll over and play stupid, dumb, and dead.

    Don’t do it Sir. Continue to defend to tbe best of your ability. If the judges are prejudiced against your clients because they chose you, I believe they should be reported to the bar.

    Keep up the good work Sir.

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