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Tom Ice- Foreclosure Champion and Finalist for Florida’s Most Effective Lawyer!

Ice-Legal-FloridaAs most of you are aware, Tom Ice and his team at Ice Legal have been very, very effective in this Foreclosure War that we’re all in.   The entire system of justice and the larger efforts to protect our courts and our clients have benefited from their appeals, depositions and the other excellent legal work they share with the community.

It’s no longer just this community of fighters that have recognized their work,   The Daily Business Review has selected Tom and Ice Legal as one of their finalists for Most Effective Lawyers for 2010 where he will be recognized at a luncheon today and where the winner will be announced.

I think it’s a real testament to the work they’ve been doing that a foreclosure fighter is listed among all the other super star finalists.

Ice’s efforts, and the efforts of all who fight and share and work together in the community of Foreclosure Fighters, stand as a real testament to the highest ethical calling of our profession.


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  • litgant says:

    This law firm shows all of us defendants that all attorneys are not shysters. It is a shame the attorneys representing the plaintiff’s using fraud, fraudulent affidavits, and all manner of falsehood have brought on the profession. Then add to this the judges who are so cocky, so evil, so smart-mouthed, so vile, and so dishonest: the shame they bring on the judiciary. But then, maybe these men and women judges have been like this all their lives and it took foreclosures to bring it out. When firms like Ice Legal, Matt Weidner, and Mark Stopa stand out and speak the truth, it brings a little respect to some of the lawyers. The rest we will never trust again. And these judges, in all these circuits, wait until election day when we remember.

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