It happens far too often. Your cell phone rings and when you answer there’s some automated voice on the other end of the line offering you some deal that sounds really great…but that you never even wanted. (The robocalls have gotten so good these days that sometimes its hard to tell that you’re being solicited by an automated voice.)

Whether it’s a sleazy charity solicitation (see my latest example here) or some other solicitor trying to sell you garbage…you shouldn’t be getting harassed on your  own cell phone by robocalls.  Keep track of all these scam solicitations, and if you really get tired of hearing from them…contact me and let’s talk about filing suit against them.

No matter who you are, you’ve undoubtedly been ripped off by one company or another….don’t just put up with it…keep good records and then contact my office to sue individuals and companies that have ripped you off!

There are a variety of tools and causes of action at our disposal that we use to help achieve favorable outcomes for you including lawsuits for fraud and claims for violations of Florida’s unfair and deceptive trade practices act.

Bottom line….if you’re annoyed with robocalls or ripped off…don’t just take it…contact WeidnerLaw and let me go after them.

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