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THREE BOMBSHELLS~! 1)I Lost a Summary Judgment; 2)Obama Bailout; 3) Fannie/Freddie Issue New Attorney

1) Today I lost a summary judgment hearing. I’ve got to tell you I’m sickened, not just for the sense of loss I feel, but more importantly for what I view as a real problem in the courtroom.   My arguments were well founded and so were the dozens of other attorneys I saw in the courtroom, but we were all just shut down, denied. Summary Judgment Granted.   I will post my Motion to Vacate/Reconsideration soon.   The experience serves as a reminder to file all your objections (I filed two separate ones) and make sure you have a court reporter present. (I did)   Even though I did, I took a straight up gut punch to the belly loss today and it stings….bad.

obama-bailout2) I’ve been saying from the beginning of this crisis that it will take bold and dramatic federal intervention to make a dent in this crisis.   Reliable reports from a variety of sources report that a dramatic federal bailout of mortgages may be coming.   Click here for that report.

3) Finally, new guidelines were issued by Fannie/Freddie that limit referral fees and relationships among and between the foreclosure mills and the companies providing services to the mills….I can only wonder how these new regulations (and restatement of existing regulations) will affect certain providers of non legal back end services such as oh, I don’t know DJSP Enterprises…(That’s the non-legal component of The Law Offices of David Stern)   I can only wonder how this will impact the already tanking stock of DJSP… here for the FannieRelease.

And now back to my Motion for Rehearing/Motion to Vacate.


  • chunga85 says:

    DJSP stock off almost 6% at the moment.

    Investing in Schadenfreude might not be such a great bet.

  • afuino says:

    What exactly was the reasoning for the granting of all the summary judgements?

  • fsflaw says:

    Hey Matt:

    Don’t feel bad. I moved to vacate a Final Summary Judgement in Orange County in front of the new “retired” judges and unfortunately they have no clue as to what is a blank endorsement and no endorsement . Fortunately, I had a court reporter and will take it up on appeal.. Its a no brainer…. I guess we will have to have court reporters at all our hearings from now on….

  • mp3rmd729 says:

    I hope you will appeal if you don’t get a favorable decision! My husband and I are Pro Se Plaintiffs in a civil case, but also Pro Se Defendants in the UD case the bank went ahead with. We hear they (the Bank) are filing a Motion for Summary Judgement. We are requesting the transcripts in advance, and we have our appeal ready to go, with the exception of some details of the judge’s decision. We are not being pessimistic, just preparing for the worst, since that is what happens more often than not. Please us know if there is a way to have a better chance at opposing and objecting to a Summary Judgement successfully. Thank you! ~Ruth~

  • Blue Floridian says:

    Sorry about the loss.
    It really is quite devastating when a court, who is entrusted to follow the law, does not follow the law.
    Meanwhile back in my neck of the woods, I continue to uncover more fraud on the court by the mills. The mills don’t need the law apparently if they are willing to commit fraud ’cause the courts are just rubberstamping the fraud along. I saw a case today where fraud was committed in the state court and in the Federal Bankruptcy court on one file!!! The client was represented by an attorney in each one and neither attorney raised any affirmative defenses or responded to either the Motion for Summary Judgment or the Motion for Relief from Stay.
    We must fight back and I am grateful to people like Matt Weidner and April Charney and others who are teaching the rest of us to fight back .

    Have a stiff drink tonight Matt and continue to fight.

  • lowelisamarie says:

    Mr. Weidner, I’m so sorry to hear things did not go well for you in court. Your attitude is so wonderful and your spirit so strong. You were chosen to fight this fight. You are in my prayers. So many depend on you and look to you to see what to do next. God Bless your weary heart.

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