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This is What Tyranny Looks Like- Violent Suppression of Free Speech (First Thing We Do, Kill All The Lawyers!)

The picture above shows a National Lawyer Guild attorney observer being run over by a New York Cop. (more on that story here)

But that’s not where I wanted to start.   The first thing I want you to do is watch the YouTube Video that is found here. It shows a defenseless man being knocked out cold by a white shirted New York City Police Officer.   Please watch this video and share it.   This is what a totalitarian police state looks like.   This is what an out of control government, scared to death by the rise of the people, looks like. This is what tyranny looks like.

Notice especially the way all   the other officers become aggressive after the attack.     Sadly this extraordinary attack is not actually all that extraordinary.   Violent attacks by law enforcement are happening at protests all across the country, but the cops in New York seems to show a particularly violent form of brutality.   As abhorrent as this act is, this cop will not be punished. He is a supervisor and like Tony Balogna, the other New York Cop caught on tape attacking citizens, this cop will get away with this crime.

We should all be wondering, “What kind of violent suppression would be happening if there were not so many cameras around?”

Next, we all need to be seriously asking, “What lengths will our government and the powers that own our government go to in order to crush this dissent?”

You see Ben, we’ve got to keep all these people suppressed. Whatever it takes, no matter what the consequences. We have got to keep them all down on their knees.   And remember that old quote from Stalin, “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Presumably, little Timmy knows it wasn’t Stalin who uttered that famous phrase.   It was a little known poet and it’s critically important in these times that everyone know from whence such a quote comes.   You see, OCCUPY is not the first time a people rose up against tyranny and oppression.   And the little tiff our American patriot ancestors had with the King of England was not the first time people rose up. But there is one common thread that runs through revolutions….the government and the powerful always, always, always attack intellectuals, writers and attorneys.   Early on in every revolution, attorneys were persecuted and punished.   And it is happening in this revolution as well. (more here)

The attacks on attorneys and those who dare to challenge the tyranny that clinches this entire nation in its iron fist are very real.   The attacks come in varying degrees and manifestations. The most dramatic forms of persecution are Bar complaints and lawsuits.   Very public, very, very expensive to defend. Demoralizing and crushing.   And while these are direct and dramatic, the persecutions come in many other even more insidious forms that are not so obvious or public.

Any attorney who has ever stood up for consumers or for the little guy or fought for the First Amendment or to protect and defend The Constitution has experienced the kind of persecution that I’m talking about.   As an attorney who has suffered all of these persecutions, and many, many more on a regular basis and on behalf of all the attorneys who have likewise suffered because they chose to fight, I honor the spirit and the courage that is the Occupy Movement.   When I was persecuted for daring to stand up and speak, there were those that came to my defense.   They offered their counsel and support. Their guidance and wisdom.   Their leadership and resources.

And as attorneys who took an oath to defend The Constitution and to protect and defend the rights of those who were oppressed, I stand with the Occupy Movement and I stand behind their efforts to make their voices heard.   I am calling on my colleagues, those good attorneys who remember the Oath of Admission they took when they became attorneys to rise up to defend and protect the rights of those who are making their voices heard.

We may not agree with all that they are saying. We may not agree with all that they are doing, but as attorneys that is not our concern.   Our concern, as attorneys who took an oath to serve The People, is to zealously and aggressively stand up to protect and defend those who desire to make their voices heard.

For the good consumer attorneys in this state, who take their Oath seriously, stand with me and commit to provide real support to all those who are standing up….and remember:


  • Lit Gant says:

    Actually Americam Spring has arrived as it passes from city to city. Let me make one thing clear here: America is not great because of its political leaders and the governments they control. America is great because of its people. When the political leaders, reinforced by corrupt judges, allow banks to rape American, steal trillions of dollars, destroy real estate land records, foreclose on homes they committed crimes and fraud to get, this country needs total revolution. Washington needs compassed emasse with millions of people and take over the government. What we need now is a transitional government to be formed. We need outside military to help just as America assisted in the other Arabic Springs in the middle east. Oh well, I am dreaming I know. But if Washington does not listen and politiicians keep allowing big business and banks to ruin our economy and our lives: expect more than peaceful protest. I do not wish to see it, but violence by police and the national guard will cause a reflex. God help America. Raped by banks, the money from the rapes taken by politicians and judges and banks, and here we are almost five days from being on the streets homeless.

    Help us Jesus…

  • Cheryl says:

    Associating Jesus Christ is a bit much.

    • It is true however. Ignore the religious elements of the revolution that was Christianity. The fact of the matter is a man identified as Christ really did exist and while there are many, many inflated versions of “the truth” what is undeniable is that this revolutionary figure called Christ had a big beef with a monetary and fiscal system that was being used to subjugate jews, gentiles and Romans alike. Like today, there was collusion among all elements of the allegedly warring ruling classes and like today the spiritual institutions were drafted into the battles. Like prior economic revolutions, (American Revolution, Civil War) I fear this will not remain peaceful….

  • Mike Hansen says:

    I agree with Matt, read Matthew 23 and 24, our Lord was describing exactly the same problems we have today. He took a whip
    and tried to drive the “money changers” out of the Temple.
    Forty some odd years ago, the “money changers” got rid of the remnants of our”Constitutional” monetary system and substituted a “system” which allows the “insiders” to create money out of nothing and put the whole population into “debt slavery”. Fraudclosure is the proof of how this “system” worked to enslave the American people.
    First they gained control of Great Britain during the Napoleanic
    Wars, then they reached their tentacles across the Atlantic and
    began the enslavement of America during the Civil War. They finally
    achieved their objective with the creation of the Federal Reserve
    System in 1913 and America’s entry into WWI, which created the debt
    they needed to take over the whole economy.
    When JFK made an attempt to return to a “constitutional” system
    and keep Nukes out of the MidEast, they sent over a “hit squad” and
    took him out. They showed their true colors when they attacked the
    US Liberty in 1967 and tried to blame it on the Egyptians.
    The final insult was 9/11 which was a “false flag” operation to
    induce us into a war against “their” enemies, not ours. Now they are trying to start a war with Iran. WAKE UP AMERICA! LIBERATE YOUR

  • Shootingsparks says:

    You Jew provocateurs are an obnoxious lot…

    • “jew provocateur”, hmmmm….I’m all for provocative, controversial debate…so how bout you elaborate with your thoughts on the article or the ideas expressed with some commentary of your own. Anonomously or with identification….give me some details on what you think.

  • Nice spin! says:

    I love the way you assume he did absolutely nothing to provoke this. Like it or not, police are not machines, they are human beings. Being such, they will react when provoked. What if this HIV guy just spit in his face, slapped the officer, or did something else more egregious. This person videoing the whole thing didn’t just “happen” to start videoing at the time some officer snapped. There had to be something to catch there attention to bring them to start shooting on him in the first place! Morrons like you propagate this garbage and jump to the “poor” defenceless HIV guy. What about the officer who has all day been disrespected, screamed at, probably struck with objects thrown from behind, (even small ones), and knows there is nothing he can do about it without people like you spewing on and on about the “poor HIV guy”!
    He is an officer, he should be held to a higher standard, that much is obvious, but to say this guy did nothing to provoke it is just plain ignorance! People do snap when they’ve had enough. it happens to the best of us.
    With reguard to you next statement on the response of the other officers getting more aggressive. What are they supposed to do when the crowd uproars like that??? Sit back and let what ever happen, happen??? Again, shear ignorance!

    • Good points you make….all of them. Actually all the video for the exchange leading up to the assault is available and I have seen it again and again and again. But make no mistake, there is not one single thing in the world the victim of this attack could have done that would justify or make legal what this cop did. The guy could have said, “Your mother is a whore”, straight to his face. The guy could have slapped the cop in the face in front of all the other officers and none of that would provide any legal or practical justification for what this cop did. That’s the point and that’s what needs to be understood here. And they are not cops, they are a paramilitary force. And in this country we are turning loose undertrained and overweaponized military forces on our own unarmed citizens…that’s shear ignorance.

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