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This Is What An Attorney Signature Looks Like?

So I’ve been commenting for quite some time with problems with signatures.   Have a look at the signature that appears on the document below for insight into what I’m talking about:




  • litgant says:

    Here appears the signature of Elizabth Lee:

    And here

    But I get the point that a lawyer did not sign it which is required. But her signature is suspect to me. So if Elizabeth had the POA to sign, but someone else signed for Elizabeth with the scribble, then the whole thing is a fraud.

  • owengar says:

    That was one of the first things I tried to argue, the case of the signatures in the assigments. Where they had used fictitious names and/or titles of persons signing these paper work. Where I believe is total violations of Rules , court , etiquette and the LAW. For I believe is a CRIME. thus says the law.

    831.06 Fictitious signature of officer of corporation.–If a fictitious or pretended signature, purporting to be the signature of an officer or agent of a corporation, is fraudulently affixed to any instrument or writing purporting to be a note, draft or evidence of debt issued by such corporation, with intent to pass the same as true, it shall be deemed a forgery, though no such person may ever have been an officer or agent of such corporation, or ever have existed.

    help me understand why are these cases push to be what it is a crime. If I where to have forged a paper work I will have been tried as a crime and possibly incarcerated or been charged a hefty hefty fine.

  • topguncrdtadvsr says:

    I hear ya Matt,

    Been saying it for years! Here’s my video

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