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There Was A Country Called America….

I remember, it from when they told me all about it as a child.

America was a proud and honest and powerful country.   We fought for each other and for the less fortunate all around the world.   Our leaders were strong but humble.   Confident and secure.   Our people were cohesive.   We looked out for one another and we came together to support our common goals and to fight against common wrongs.

We argued loudly and frequently, but we did it with respect and with honor.   We lost arguments between one another, but we earned respect and admiration when we did so.

Lawyers were respected and honored because they earned that respect.   Judges were even more respected because they sat in honest and fair judgment of those that appeared before them.

The press fulfilled their sacred role, bolstered with ink purchased by the barrel.

And there were corporations and banks and Wall Street, but they too fought for the common good.   They sacrificed short term profit for long-term good.   They were guided by an ethic that was not entirely self-serving but which also served the common good.

But all of that is gone now.   Our country is crushed and broken, our values and principles desecrated and destroyed.   The corporations own our country now.   They’ve mortgaged every square inch of our landscape and enslaved every cell in our bodies.   The innovation, the efficiency and industry that you might contribute….it’s already taken.   Sold before you ever executed and performed it….and the same is true of whatever innovation and efficiency your children might contribute….they’ve been sold out too.

All that America was has been taken and destroyed…by the corporations, and Wall Street and those at the very top.

Do we have the courage to fight and take it back?

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