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There Are More of us Than There Are of Them….

chink-in-armorA New Essay From Chink In The Armor:

Something is rotten in the US.   There is a disconnect between the leadership (sic) and the will of the people.   How long it lasts remains to be seen,   what the catalyzing event shall be is a mystery,   but the results of the event are as plain as the dawn to those who have the eyes to see.   There are more of us than there are of them and that imbalance between what the leadership (sic) wants for this country and the will of the people can only end one way.   The will of the people.

It calls to mind the story of John Sutter,   the owner of the mill which spawned one of the greatest migrations in the history of this country. John Sutter owned the Sacramento Valley.   Back in the days when California was still a province of Mexico,   John Sutter blew into town and secured himself a land grant of eleven leagues of land,   some 49,000 acres of the best bottom land imaginable near the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers in what is now downtown Sacramento.   Sutter lost no time in building an empire.   He built roads and bridges,   he planted crops,   established orchards,   ran cattle and generally built the early infrastructure of the area.

Chink in The Armor

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