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There Are Clear WINNERS In Foreclosure….


This national disaster called fraudclosuregate continues to rage on unabated…in fact it’s only getting worse.   And the larger economy is only getting worse….with no relief on the horizon.   But there have been reporters and advocates that have been warning about these problems for a long, long time…..

” Congress needs to enact a national foreclosure bill that sets a uniform procedure in every state that provides adequate notice, due process and transparency about fees and charges,” said O. Max Gardner III, a consumer lawyer in Shelby, N.C. ” A lot of this stuff is such a maze of numbers and complex organizational structure most lawyers can’t get through it. For the average consumer, it is mission impossible.”

Read the attached article from the New York Times Here but before you start it, pay careful attention to the date…now what would out country be like today if someone had actually listened to these warnings so long ago?   This whole mess is not just a mess.   It’s not just a crime scene, it represents a profound and terribly destabilizing threat to our national security and stability….it is in short.


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