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The World's Banks…Ongoing, Government Sponsored Criminal Enterprises

How would you like to blow all your money in a casino that is most definitely rigged against you?
Well, you do.   We all do.   The governments of the world require that we deposit our life’s work into the hands of criminals, then our governments work with the criminals to help them steal even more of our money and destroy even more of our life’s work and value.
Of course there is no punishment when John Corzine steals hundreds of millions.   Of course Jamie Dimon can flash his presidential cufflinks and flick Congress and the American people off…UP YOURS…I OWN YOU!
We live today in an era of unprecedented corruption and arrogant lawlessness.   In Amerika especially where most are still dumb enough to believe there’s any real difference between Obama and Romney, where hardly anyone can name the real co-equal presidents of the United States, Larry Blankfeld and the other members of the banking cartels.
Our friends across the pond are not quite as corrupt as the United States is today….maybe the takedown starts there…..
From Daily Mail…(funny how I can’t read this reported in the states):
Some of America’s top banks are set to be dragged into a major criminal investigation of a global interest rate-fixing scandal about to engulf some of Wall Street’s biggest institutions.
The worldwide probe centres on claims traders at Barclays colluded with rival banks to keep interest rates at levels to their benefit.
Barclays agreed to pay a whopping $453million in fines to the U.S. Justice Department and the UK’s Financial Services Authority.
But it emerged tonight the bank had struck a deal of ‘extraordinary co-operation’ with regulators in Washington and London – potentially exposing collusion on interest rates among banks across the globe.
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