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Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

That’s what our boy Willie said a while ago, and today we need to think about this in the context of servicers ramming down Amerikans all across this country.
Despite all the light and happy press releases from the banks about keeping Amerikans in their homes, it ain’t their dog in the fight….in many cases…..The banks could care less.
It’s that Fannie and her boyfriend, Freddie that really matter.   Here’s a few choice words from Fannie:
As provided in the Servicing Guide, servicers service Fannie Mae mortgage loans as
independent contractors, not as agents, assignees, or representatives of Fannie Mae. The
servicer needs to maintain the discretion to apply appropriate judgment in dealing with
borrowers and loans on a case-by-case basis, consistent with Fannie Mae’s servicing policies.
Issues have recently arisen with respect to potential defects with affidavits submitted by
servicers in support of motions for summary judgment in states with judicial foreclosure
processes. The issues pertain to whether the individuals executing the affidavits on behalf of the
servicer had the required personal knowledge of the information contained in the affidavits and
whether the affidavits were notarized in accordance with applicable requirements. (Whoopsie, the banks ain’t been following the law….)
But here’s where it really gets good……
Agreement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless
As stated in the Contract, the lender will indemnify Fannie Mae and hold Fannie Mae harmless
against all losses, damages, judgments, or legal expenses that result from its failure in any way
to perform its services and duties in connection with servicing mortgage loans or managing or
disposing of property according to this Contract or the Guides.
If any private entity or governmental agency sues Fannie Mae, makes a claim against Fannie
Mae, or starts a proceeding against Fannie Mae based on the lender’s acts or omissions in
servicing mortgage loans or managing or disposing of property, the lender’s obligation to
indemnify and hold Fannie Mae harmless must be met regardless of whether the suit, claim, or
proceeding has merit.
But this one is the absolute best…..

If Fannie Mae believes that the servicer is failing to comply with Fannie Mae’s servicing
requirements, Fannie Mae may pursue a variety of remedies, either to correct a specific
problem or to improve the servicer’s overall performance. One possible remedy is the imposition
of a compensatory fee to compensate Fannie Mae for damages and to emphasize the
importance Fannie Mae places on a particular aspect of the servicer’s performance. Sometimes,
a compensatory fee will relate to the action the servicer took or failed to take for a specific
mortgage. At other times, the compensatory fee may relate to the effect that the servicer’s
deficiencies may have on Fannie Mae’s cash flow.
Fannie Mae may charge a compensatory fee to provide the servicer a financial incentive to
correct its servicing problems and improve the quality of its performance.



  • Raptor says:

    I used this very argument in my case against BoA, MERS, Fannie Mae, and Recontrust. In ruling against me, the judge made no mention of this very crucial factor. As you well know, the problem is not having enough evidence against these bankerrorists, the problem is getting judges to take the evidence into consideration.

  • chitown2020 says:

    It is called weapons of mass corruption. The judges are compromised because they are invested in these mortgages backed by zero. They are collecting on the insurance fraud too. The banksters at the top intentionality created these illegal and unconstitutional conflicts of interest in the U.S. COURTS. The judges try to ignore the fraud and get mad when the banksters get caught bringing fraud upon the court by U.S. citizen warriors. I have witnessed this first hand. This is why there are virtually no attorneys willing to step on the toes of these judges and fight the rampant fraud in these mortgages. The judges fraudclosing on the American people with no proof of a legally enforceable lien by these banks should be imprisoned for treason. There is no proper legal representation for the American people or there would be ZERO foreclosures. The gauge of corruption is the amount of fraudclosures that have already occurred. Over 20 million illegal foreclosures to date. That is totalitarianism. The reason why that is totalitarianism….? The banks don’t lend, they borrow our wealth and the banks don’t pay back their debts to US. The FED is a giant credit scam. They owe US GAGILLIONS in origination fraud and usury fraud. They are fraudclosing because of perverse insurance fraud incentives given by their owners. They are stealing and monopolizing on OUR PROPERTY that they have hijacked by
    pretend lending and it is being stolen by insurance fraud. The banks never held legal title because the banks don’t lend. This is treason by the judges who are committing this heinous crime of granting illegal foreclosures. They must all resign if they refuse to uphold the laws of the UNITED STATES that were put in place to protect the property rights of the American people. OCCUPY THE FORECLOSURE COURTROOMS……THE JUDGES ARE COMMITTING TREASON EVERY TIME THEY FRAUDCLOSE. THE JUDGES ARE GETTING UNJUST ENRICHMENT ALONG WITH THE ATTORNEYS WHO ARE AIDING AND ABETTING THE ROBBERY OF OUR PROPERTY.

  • chitown2020 says:

    P.S. I was told by an attorney….you can’t win your case with or without an attorney your chances of winning are like winning the lottery. That is illegal my friends. That is complete communism….WAKE UP AMERICA…ALL OF THE PROPERTY THAT HAS BEEN SEIZED BY THESE BANKS HAS BEEN OUTRIGHT STOLEN. THERE IS NO JUDICIARY SYSTEM ANY LONGER OTHERWISE THESE BANKS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO TAKE ON PIECE OF PROPERTY. FRAUDCLOSURE IS TREASON…..! WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE OCCUPYING THE COURTROOMS BY THE MILLIONS. When the Government can seize your Constitutional and legal rights, wealth and property they have no legal right to take…..that is TREASON…!

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