First they came for the poor, the different colored….

They boxed and caged them up like animals.

They tortured and taunted them then punished them harshly when they began acting like,

violent animals.

But I didn’t say anything because I owned stock in the company that tortured them for profit.

And you didn’t say anything because you bought the products they made under slave labor conditions worse than the most oppressive regime ever dreamed of.

Then they came for those who were merely poor.

But I didn’t speak out.

The United States is not a capitalist democracy

It’s a fascist, war mongering, human rights abusing and international law breaking criminal cartel.

From Truth Dig:

Prisoners often work inside jails and prisons for nothing or at most earn a dollar an hour. The court system has been gutted to deny the poor adequate legal representation. Draconian drug laws send nonviolent offenders to jail for staggering periods of time. Our prisons routinely use solitary confinement, forms of humiliation and physical abuse to keep prisoners broken and compliant, methods that international human rights organizations have long defined as torture. Individuals and corporations that profit from prisons in the United States perpetuate a form of neoslavery. The ongoing hunger strike by inmates in the California prison system is a slave revolt, one that we must encourage and support. The fate of the poor under our corporate state will, if we remain indifferent and passive, become our own fate.


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