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The United States- The World’s Biggest Criminal Enterprise

I was a Boy Scout. A patriot. A proud and enthusiastic American.   I’m a guy with an American flag at his home and in his office.   I take my hat off when the national Anthem is sung and I sing it whenever I hear it.   My parents and grandparents counted the ballots at the precinct so I spent every single election at the polls.   My family was very involved in politics and I spent my formative years at events and volunteering for campaigns.   With all that background, it makes it very hard for me to say that I hate what this country has become….a gigantic, unapologetic criminal enterprise.

It seems the criminality has infected every single aspect of this country, but I have a front row seat seeing it manifest itself throughout the foreclosure process.   By now it is beyond any dispute that the Wall Street Wizards, the Titans of Finance, the bankers and lenders, all with the aid of our elected leaders pulled of the greatest series of financial heists a population has ever experienced.   The looted us blind. And our elected leaders, from the Presidents (Bush, Clinton, Obama), every member of Congress, every governor, every and anyone else that was elected is complicit in these crimes.   The Wall Street Bankers crashed their own companies, and when they crashed, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE EXECUTIVES CASHED OUT.

I had hope that our judges and our sheriffs would protect us from the ultimate outcome of all of this, but most seem content to go right along, marching to the tune set by our national “leaders”.   Forget about Tallahassee, it’s a long lost cesspool of corruption.   It troubles me to see that Florida’s Attorney General has sold the citizens of Florida out completely….left all of us twisting in the wind.   I hate to say it, but I’m certain she’s just going to let the foreclosure mills walk away from the most profound and prolific crime spree that has ever been visited upon a state. Forget about La Cosa Nostra.   Forget about the drug runners or the gang bangers.   If you tally up the total value of the crimes committed in Fraudclosuregate, the value dwarfs that of any other criminal element.

But no one really cares anymore.   The fix is in. The die is cast. I’d say call someone in Tallahassee, but I’m convinced they don’t care what you’ve got to say.   I’d say write your Congressman or call up your governor. (ha ha on that one!)   The criminality is so pervasive that our “leaders” have lost all willingness to call them crimes.   Oh, they’ll still rip the guts out of a two bit thief, or some hapless criminal. The key is apparently to make your crimes so big that no punishment can fit the crime.


  • smtblnde says:

    Ah yes, the cycle of personal political awareness: apathy->idealism->realism->cynicism->ambivalence

    It had been years since I went to a baseball game. This last weekend, I took my son to his first game.

    When the national anthem was sung, and the stadium stood in silence, I became teary-eyed. It was a nice (and surprising) personal political awareness reset button.

  • Den Coelho says:

    Preaching to the choir! I’m glad I came across this It is now 2022 and just this morning my inner ramblings included this statement “ How is it the people can’t see how our government is nothing more than a continued criminal enterprise”! Virtually every industry from insurance, banking, medicine, academia, institutions such as museums, arts, auction houses, all criminal enterprises . The Non profit industry is one of the biggest culprits along with Political orgs. My question is when will Americans stand up and say enough is enough?!!!
    As an American Listed Artist with HFA( Aspergers) I have concluded that it is not those with the answers and or capabilities that are in charge. That Government has no interest in solving the social issues and problems plaguing this country. They could care less that our youth are suicidal and sexually confused. Chaos is what the Government relies on. In conclusion the current status quo is unsustainable.

    • Den Coelho says:

      I want to touch in the opiate pandemic. As a victim of big pharma and someone who never took pain meds until I became a pain patient. I remember how I was told how oxycodone was non addicting prescribed 12/30 mg. tabs day. What angers me is how the Government protected big pharma and now along with law firms will hit a huge payday what about the survivors. You want to talk about corruption. Let’s begin here.

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