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The United States- Supersized Stupidity…Revolution Needed.

This morning’s St. Petersburg Times ran a gut-wrenching story on the death of the United States Space Program.   The United States was a proud and awesome country…once.     Read the story and feel the pride and genius and dedication and commitment and hard work that was our space program.   And now it’s gone.   Dead. Over.

Now just think about how insane and stupid this whole country is.   We spent bajillions on wars all around the world.   We’ve carpet bombed entire regions, killed millions of people….and for what?   What did we accomplish with all of that?   And why?   And now that the boys and girls are coming home, what will become of them?   What will these combat trained warriors do to keep themselves occupied?

But back to the space program…once the buildings are shuttered.   Once the machines and the electronics are mothballed….they cannot be restarted.

Is it just utter, systemic, long term stupidity from our “leaders” going back at least a decade or is this all something worse?   As horrific as this thought must be, I almost hope that there is at least some plan in the works here…but then again….nothing seems to make sense anymore.



  • old guy says:

    Don’t worry. Some Wall Street hedge fund will buy the used shuttles, parts & equipment, and launch pads for pennies on the dollar, and sell them to China for a nice profit. The hedge fund will have the right political connections with Senator Sell-Out who will push the deal through.

    Don’t bother filing a legal objection to the sale, because the presiding judge, who took campaign money from the hedge fund, will rule that the deal is just “free trade” and vial to our capitalist economy.

    Tell the NASA workers not to worry, because McDonalds is hiring, although they will take a pay cut, “˜case Micky D can’t pay the outrageously high wages Americans used to make. Still, don’t worry, there is nothing more American than a McDonalds cheeseburger, right?

    Matt, looks like you didn’t get the memo from TPTB (The Powers That Be). America is undergoing a sea change. TPTB decided America no longer needs a middle class. With the establishment of free-trade world markets, US corporations can make more profit by building stuff elsewhere and selling it to the new middle class in other countries. Plus our banking system can make money out of thin air, with the help of the Federal Reserve. So TPTB are pretty happy right now. America doesn’t need a space program anymore, just a military ready and able to carpet bomb entire regions, and kill millions of people that dare get in the way of TPTB.

    Happy Fourth of July!

  • Cheryl says:

    You can consider many in our government to be possessed by demonic entities including the Clintons you so admonish. These are people out of control for a very long time who hide behind a mask having secret intent. They’re all possessed and attempting to push the limit to what Americans will tolerate.

    You can’t ignore the spiritual dimension of life without paying a heavy price for such ignorance.

  • John Anderson says:

    “What will these combat trained warriors do to keep themselves occupied?”
    What the government is doing now is keeping a eye on them. They fear they may become terrorist.

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