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The United States Banking Economy- Infected by a Fatal, Irreversable Disease.

This did not happen to us by accident.   It happened because bankers and Wall Streeters bought off and paid off regulators and legislators who were paid to protect us and the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.   Our economy has collapsed, it’s gonna get worse and they are all to blame.

Remember,   there have been next to no prosecutions or punishments for any of the parties that caused all this.   Washington Mutual, New Century, Indymac, Countrywide.   Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan.   And the list goes on and on and on.

From Naked Capitalism:

This is the diagnosis of an irreversible disease. The corruption and collapse of the rule of law, in the financial sphere, is basically irreparable. It’s not just that restoring trust takes a long time. It’s that under the new technological order in this field, it can not be done. The technologies are designed to sow and foster distrust and that is the consequence of using them. The recent experience proves this, it seems to me. And therefore there can be no return to the way things were before. In other words, we are at the end of the illusion of a market place in the financial sphere.

Naked Capitalism

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  • Meg says:

    This issue has gone farther than foreclosure. We all know this.. it is the slow raping of America. When you take people who are just trying to do their job, or are just looking for a job, or just trying to save their homes & you decide to ignore them, the very people who put you in office. Do you expect people to continue taking it? Did they think nothing could happen, by ignoring everything, by brushing it all aside? We are in a global emergency! Ask me a year ago if I believed this, I would have said no. All the people stocking up on food, gold etc.. now we see that this all could be very real if things do not begin to change. When you take people who have no jobs, no roof over their heads and concern about putting food on the table you can expect frustration. Combine this with no “real” solutions and mix it with a take it or leave it, we don’t care what the people think, we are making profits and we are too big to fail…then you have problems. When the food stamps stop going out and the Social Security checks stop arriving.. what will happen? Are we headed there? You tell me… The domino effect has just started.

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