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Foreclosure Defense Florida


gulfport-tragic-foreclosureWhen you’re on the front lines of this war, you cannot help but be impacted by the sad and disturbing stories that are impacting our neighbors all across this country.   Every single day we are confronted with these horrors stories and a critical function of the advocacy work myself and others are doing is to sound the warning alarms to policy makers and the larger public about the dire social and economic consequences of the tragedy of foreclosure.

So here is a current and most disturbing example, real story

St. Petersburg Times


  • ifyouCouldSeemyHeart says:

    This is so disturbing! I wonder what the TRUE suicide count is our country?? They have much blood on their hands.If we do not right this wrong the future generation better move to a foreign country. If my father were alive today ans saw what my eyes see it would kill him.
    The sadness and the madness if it all. May God guide ans bless us through this war.

  • learning2 says:

    Very tragic. Especially when one looks at the records. Seems to me, Crossland wrote a mortgage in Oct 1997, Wells released that mortgage: UBRIGHT PATRICIA WELLS FARGO HOME MTG INC REL 9885/1094 OR 9885/1094 in 10/01/2003 13110 1995 2003419743

    AND there is an affidavit recorded that says the original mortgage was missing (??).

    Or, it can be the other mortgage from Mortgage Investors which is a MERS. I don’t see any thing recorded for the transfer of the mortgage or note to Wells Fargo…ah, well, that’s only the law – I guess they don’t have to record the transfer, that would cost them money…hopeless, laws are just for some people who are more equal than others.

    I think this is a wrongful death.

    Someone should take up arms in his memory.

    This is an ugly situation. I am very ashamed to be an American citizen, but I was born here. I would leave if I could afford to do so.

    thank you for your fight and putting yourself and reputation on the line to deliver the facts as you do!!!!


  • Mike Dillon says:

    Well, let’s see… MERS was involved at the inception of the loan which originated July 28, 2003 by Mortgage Investors Corp.

    According to MERS as of 11/19/2010:
    Wells Fargo ““ Acquisition is/was the servicer.
    FDIC as receiver for Washington Mutual Bank, Monroe, LA is/was the note holder.
    MIN #: 1000733-3631760763-6
    MIN status: inactive

    Wells Fargo, as plaintiff, filed a Lis Pendens 09/22/2008

    MERS assigns the Rubright mortgage and note to Wells Fargo retroactively on July 1, 2008.

    The assignment is signed off on by one Douglas M. Bales, VP of MERS on 09/22/2008.
    Witnessed by Chris Lashley and Jarrod C. Trappe and notarized by Jarrod C. Trappe.

    The assignment was recorded on 10/09/2008.

    Douglas M. Bales appears to be an attorney employed by Douglas C. Zahm, P.A. The Zahm Clearwater office apparently handled the foreclosure.

    According to , Jarrod Trappe registered his notary commission at 18830 US Hwy 19 N Ste 300 Clearwater, FL 33764-0000. Douglas C. Zahm, P.A. Is listed at the same address.

    Judgment obtained by Wells Fargo 12/02/2009

    Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs purchased the property 01/15/2010.

  • Stupendous Man says:

    I agree with you learning2 that one of the energized and competent Florida foreclosure defense attorneys NEEDS to give his entire case file a thorough read. How likely is it that fraud was involved? Very. How likely is it he was denied due process by the Florida courts? Very.

    The story would have been accurately written had it said “Man suffering from depression and post traumatic stress disorder – legal abuse syndrome – caused by a fraudulent loan, forged and fabricated evidence submitted in his case, and denial of due process by the courts attempted to take his own life today.”

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