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I want every client and every consumer to know they have a right to file a claim for the damages caused to them by the BP Oil Spill….and a few other things as well:

  1. The BP settlement process recognizes the 2010 oil spill directly or indirectly affected thousands of lives and businesses in Florida causing lost profits and wages.
  2. BP entered into the settlement where they voluntarily agreed to pay claims to all kinds of businesses. (Not Just tourism or beach businesses)
  3. Tourism-related businesses are impacted even more and are entitled to a multiplier on their recovery.
  4. The British Petroleum (BP) oil fund settlement (over $7.8 billion) was set up to pay businesses and people that suffered an economic downturn following the spill in April 2010.
  5. Businesses do not need to show that the oil spill actually caused them any harm to qualify. In fact, whether or not located near the water or involved in tourism, any business in the panhandle or in the western counties of Florida (i.e., Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, etc.) may qualify for a recovery. Virtually all types of businesses are eligible.
  6. To perform a preliminary analysis to determine whether a business qualifies, a person needs only know what their business revenues were during 2009-2011. Although the 2007 and 2008 information is optional, it does assist in creating more options that may be available to qualify and/or maximize a potential claim.
  7. The three (3) basic ways to present the information on the worksheets utilize “gross revenue” and are not based on profit. The first is on a “cash” basis (i.e., when the money was deposited). The second is on an “accrual” basis (i.e., when the services/products were invoiced). Lastly, if it applies to your business, the third basic way to present the information is based on “sales tax returns” (i.e., if selling both products and services.)
  8. The information needed to process your claim is totally confidential and protected by the attorney client privilege, whether or not you have a qualified claim.
  9. Determining whether you qualify for a claim takes just a few minutes.
  10. Claims that are being paid run into hundreds of thousands of dollars….we’re not talking about just a few thousand dollars here!

I will be hosting a series of online meetings with Clay Schuett that will provide all the information you need to submit a claim.  To find out more and register for one of these events, contact me directly at

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