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The Sum of All My Fears: Something Large This Way Comes

ThemisI want to share with all of you an essay from the website, Chink in the Armor we all need to be reminded that foreclosure is just a symptom of much larger problems we all face.   We here in the mighty United States are not so far removed from the chaos that is burning across the globe.

In prior times of crisis our nation was shielded from the most pernicious aspects of bad politics and power by our faded notions of justice and liberty, but most now recognize that our system of justice has given way to multinational corporations, the bankers and politicians.   Remember Themis, the blind lady of justice and her scales. In this current climate do you have any doubt but that those scales are tipped in favor of the power centers?

Read on and consider his essay….

And so it picks up steam.   What started in Iceland,   instigated by Wall St,   has now engulfed Tunisia,   Yeman,   Sudan,   Egypt,   Syria,   Jordan and others yet to be made manifest.   Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has warned the country’s royal family to step down and flee before a military coup or a popular uprising overthrows the kingdom.

Julianne the Apostate can take the credit of kicking this ball down the hill as it was his release of some of those documents which demonstrated selected venality amongst certain countries’ leadership.   It would have happened anyway,   but the Apostate,   it seems,   was the spark.   How this could be to Israel’s benefit is beyond me.

The control system is blowing apart at the seams.   Anyone thinking the unrest across North Africa to the Middle East is part of a planned paradigm has got to be crazy.   Certainly,   there are organizational forces at work trying to ride on top of the chaos,   but all semblance of control is gone.   Israel is isolated,   Saudi Arabia could well fall ,   and soon;   Syria,   Jordon;   Lebanon is already Hezbollah and the Southern Border is laced with rockets which can be set up and bound for the obliteration of whole blocks of Tel Aviv in about 20 minutes.

The United States is in the fourth,  fourth cycle of the four cycles of societal growth.   Every generational cycle since the beginning of this country has been marked with tremendous upheaval.   Before 1776,   this country had been thriving and it wasn’t until the coinage act which mandated use of the king’s coin,   which he wouldn’t allow in country if it weren’t borrowed at interest from the central bank that there was any real impetus to change.

We had the Revolutionary War.

Four score and seven years later,   at another major turning point in the country’s history,   we had the civil war.   Lincoln had his Greenbacks and the International bankers were partially thwarted.

Eighty years later there was another watershed moment for the country which culminated in a depression and two World Wars,   all of which can be lain at the feet of International Bangsterism.

Now,   sixty five years later,   we find ourselves at another watershed moment where America the Great is morphing into something different yet again and the instigating factor is once again,   International Bangsterism.

China and Russia are in ascendancy;     the US/EU domination is failing.   Russia sits between both the Chinese and Europe.   Don’t be surprised to see Russia becoming a pivotal player in the final settlements.   Russia has lots of oil and gas upon which Germany,   France and the rest of the EU depend.

The entire western banking system is on a precipice from the MERS curse ““ the securitization of Real Estate Assets and the fraudulent bubble the Bangstas pumped into it.   For those who are aware of the true story,   there is head shaking amazement it still stands.   There are ever more assaults upon the gates of predatory capitalism yet to be unleashed.   The edifice shall not stand.  The collapse is a foregone conclusion.

The United States will no longer be the largest imperial power the world has ever seen.   How it moves from here is up to all of us individually and collectively.   Typically,   the fourth turn has involved a war.   The current state of weaponry precludes all out war but there are insane individuals with their fingers on the control levers of power who see insanity and war as preferable to dignity and respect.

What comes next is where the real battle shall take place.   Socially how things work out across the Middle East is yet to be seen.   The shaking is just beginning.   Trust that great powers are at work trying to ride the tiger.

The tiger will probably eat a few of those trying to ride it,   others may survive the ride and come back when the tiger finally goes back to sleep.   International Bangsterism with their handmaidens at Citi,   JP Morgan Chase,   Bank of America,   Wells Fargo,   Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have boxed themselves in and have nowhere to go.   The tiger needs to eat them before it goes back to sleep.

Ultimately,   the cause of all of our worldwide difficulties,   is due to the manner in which money is created.   At the moment,   it is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme which has reached its mathematical limits.  Change the way money is created and all the nightmares can begin to fade.   Dis-honest money demands dis-honest dealings between peoples and nations.   Honest money will go a long way to diffusing that paradigm.

  • One of the Duties of the Sovereign is to produce the coin of the realm and in this country the Sovereign are the people as manifested by their representatives.   This primary duty was abdicated to a group of men nearly 100 years ago for their private profit.   That has to change
  • Fractional Reserve Banking must be met with severe consequences.
  • The Sovereign’s coin can be the only coin accepted in the payment of taxes for all levels of the Sovereign (State,   County,   City,   National)

It really is that easy.   One two three.    Honest money changes everything.

2011 is the year of the counter attack.   We are just beginning to see it unfold.   There will,   of course,   be a great deal of shake up as the collapse of the dominant paradigm continues to play before our faces.   Be aware,   be prepared.   Embrace the coming riot.   Roll with it,   look for Truth,   navigate it as best you can.   Survive.

Something large this way comes.   What exactly it is remains to be seen.   There is much drama yet to unfold.   Nod your head at anyone who tells you they know what is to come then shine them on down the road.   They don’t know,   no more than you or I know.  But this I believe we can all agree on:

Something Large This Way Comes

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