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The StormTroopers Are Coming To Break Down YOUR Door!

They’re coming to kick down YOUR door.

They’re going to change YOUR locks.

They’re going to destroy YOUR property.

They’re going to terrorize YOUR family.

They’re going to ignore YOUR neighbors who try to stop them.

They’re going to ignore YOUR elected Sheriff and law enforcment.

No one cares and No one is going to do anything about it.Look carefully at the pictures above.   Consider that it was not so long ago that first a country and then a whole world devolved into violent chaotic inhumanity because good people stood by while those around them were terrorized and persecuted.   In some ways America today isn’t so much different than pre-Nazi German in the first part of the last century.   Amidst economic decline powerful forces rose up and confronted first the weaker minority populations among them.   Government, leaders and the other people just sat back and watched it happen.   The terror was isolated at first, but because these evil forces were not opposed it spread across a country, then a continent, then the world.Over the last several months, I’ve begun collecting chilling stories of modern day storm troopers kicking down the doors of your neighbors.   Some were in foreclosure but some were not yet even in foreclosure. That’s right, no case had been filed against them at all.   Their property has been thrown on the streets.   They have been terrorized.   The stormtroopers might have been chased away, but they promised to come back and they did.   The victims called law enforcement, but law enforcement failed to do anything.   Your local Sheriff turned his back and refused to protect the less fortunate neighbor that he took a Constitutional oath to defend and protect. I’ve contacted the Sheriff’s office on numerous occasions.   I explained the facts and they told me they would do nothing.

WE ARE DOOMED AS A COUNTRY WHEN CITIZENS CAN NOT COUNT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT TO PROTECT US FROM POWERFUL LAWLESS CRIMINALSThe following is just one example of a story reported to me, but there are countless other such terrifying stories from all across the country.   Next week I will file the first of its kind lawsuit against one such group of criminal stormtroopers.   I will continue to search for more examples and will work to root out this pervasive evil that is casting such a terrifying and evil shadow across this once-great country.   I implore each of you that reads this blog to share this story.   Share this with everyone you can.   Contact your local and national press.   Make sure everyone you know is aware this is really happening.   When it happens to you or to them, at least you can say you didn’t stand by while it was happening.   And now, read for yourself how this happens.

Without notice to me, and without filing for foreclosure, my loan servicer authorized a trash-out company to break into my house in early February of this year.   I entered my home to find my personal and financial documents scattered around my open trunk.   A month after breaking and entering my house, they filed the foreclosure lawsuit. During the breaking and entering my neighbor confronted the trash-out people who told him that my house was in foreclosure, which was a lie.   Yesterday  I got a call from my neighbor informing me that this happened again. This time when confronted by my neighbor the criminals told him that my house is in “repossession”, another lie since the foreclosure mill which initiated the foreclosure is apparently laying low and (according to my lawyer) can’t or won’t pursue the foreclosure until my civil suit is over.   I moved 4 hours away 3 weeks ago but had my neighbor keep an eye on my property, as well as having my Mom visiting the property at least  once a week. I have maintained electric and lawn service. My Mom is currently in Georgia taking care of my sister who just had surgery. I don’t think it is a coincidence that they pulled this latest break- in on a Saturday morning.
My attorney met a Sheriff’s department officer at my property last night and filed a police report. There are shards of metal on my front stoop and they threw my old lock on the lawn. They apparently turned off my electricity at the fuse box  again like they did in February. In Southern Florida, In August. How is this protecting their “collateral”? How is this “securing” the property when I am legally entitled to a key to my property, and will then turn around and change the locks back to a lock which only me and my Mom have a key to, like I did in February? How is going through my personal financial documents “inspecting” the property? How can they do this without notifying me, the legal owner, or my attorney of record?
While the story above is certainly bad, the cases I will be filing next week have even more terrifying facts.   The thing that terrifies me most about this phenomena is how many people, including law enforcement do not see this for what it is and how they do not understand that these storm troopers and the banks that employ them will only become more bold.   If we don’t stop them now,
I want every judge, every sheriff, every attorney, every reporter to look carefully at these pictures and read this post very carefully.   I want you all to pay attention to this site and to review the sworn lawsuits that I will be filing over the next couple weeks to consider just how valid and real the fears that I hope I’m stoking in this post are.


  • ForeclosureHamlet says:

    I have heard several stories of homes “protected” by the banks in such a manner.

    Deeply alarming.

    And, frightening.


  • JeannieW says:

    This is one small manifestation of what is usually referred to as the Conspiracy “Theory”. It is no theory… it’s a fact, and its been coming for a long time. To find out more about this, go to GOOGLE Video and look up Alex Jones’ films, called “EndGame”, “Police State 4: Rise of Fema”, “Obama Deception”, “Invisible Empire: New World Order Defined”, “Loose Change: Final Cut”… there are many many videos on this subject. You should also look up “dangerous vaccines mercury”, “chemtrails”, “north american union”… these are just a good start.

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