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The Stephan/GMAC Foreclosure Fiasco Is Just The Start- Next, Are The Attorney Signatures Real?

By September 25, 20105 Comments

gmacA requirement of every lawsuit filed in Florida courts is that they must be signed and affirmed by a licensed member of the Florida Bar.   I’ve long had a real problem with the sloppy, arrogant messes of signatures that appear on pleadings filed in these foreclosure actions and now I’ve got real suspicions that some of these signatures may not be of attorneys at all.

Take a close look at the attorney signatures that appear on the complaints that are filed and on the lis pendens and motions.   Next, look that attorney’s signature up on mortgages for their homes that are recorded in the counties where these attorneys work.   The mortgage signatures are presumably their real signatures, but look at the “signatures” that are on the pleadings.   If the signatures that are on those pleadings are not of the attorney as they are required to be according to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, this would be a Bombshell at least as big as the Stephan announcement.

Up next, more GMAC affidavits that are withdrawn


gmacWithdrawal of Affidavit

By the way, these notices cannot just go out in contested cases, they must be withdrawn in every single case in which they were filed, contested or not.   Are our courts equipped to match those withdraws up to the cases they are filed in?   How many taxpayer dollars will be spent processing these withdraws?   Worse yet, how many foreclosure rocket docket judgments will be granted since this withdraw issue came out?   How many of our Senior Judges who are presiding over these foreclosure gas chambers are even aware of these issues?   (I know the ones that I have made aware of this were totally aware of anything…they are even unaware of the AG investigations….)


  • litgant says:

    O my God.

    Your question may destroy the Florida Court system in regard to foreclosures.

    I think many across the nation needs to read what you have presented.

    Maybe that is why some robo mills have hireling attorneys to sign the complaints so their signature cannot be examined.

    Let the investigations begin. Good thinking sir.

  • edgetraderplus says:

    Sunday 26 September 2010

    One need not read thousands of affidavits to spot inconsistencies. In the first link to the above article, there is a signature by Nikolay Koley, dated 26 June 2009. Take note.

    On page 2 of this blog, there is a post on the Washington-Post Fallout from Jeffrey Stephan, and
    a link to examples of the Affidavits that are in question.

    See the “signature” of Nikolay Koley on 10 and again 14 September 2010. Erin Cullard is the notary twice, on 18 Feb 2009 and again on 7 Jan 2010. Compare the “signatures.”

    My understanding is that a notary must sign the same way, usually if not always, their full name, as is signed on the notary application to be used when notarizing any document(s).

  • litgant says:

    From what I am reading and hearing in court sessions, judges are saying if the mortage is in arrears, if there is a default, if the affidavit numbers are correct on the debt, then nothing else matters. The foreclosure has been verified. Judges are saying the false signatures, the perjury of witnesses and notaries; the fraudulent assignments by MERS; the substitution of party plaintiffs; the lost notes, the fraudulent copies of notes claimed to be the original; the affirmative defenses be stricken; and many false pleadings by plaintiffs are just procedural issues and do not rise to the level to stop a SJ.

    I have learned a lot here on Mr. Weidner’s web site. He is a true friend to those fighting to save their homes. I appreciate his long hours devoted to trying to sound the alarm of these rocket docket courts.

    Thanks Mr. Weidner. You deserve a legal medal of honor. I think it would be so great if Lisa over at foreclosurehamlet would think of awarding a monthly medal of honor to an attorney in Florida who deserves special recognition.

    Lit Gant

  • alrady says:

    Of course they are real .. .they are real by whoever forged them. I saw testimony here in Phoenix by a loan officer of how his signature was abused. I have heard stories.

    Keep pressing for answers. I am hoping that one of the witnesses will interview with me for my blog. Maybe you could get a few intereviews.. I have one name for you if you’d like : twitter me @alrady40

  • ForeclosureHamlet says:


    I have an example! Perhaps you are discussing this type of………..ahem………alleged professional misconduct? Caryn Graham attorney who works at foreclosure mill Marshall Watson?

    Defend your homes against these predators!


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