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Foreclosure Defense Florida

The State of Florida, Forgery is A-OK, attacking bankster fraud is not.


The newly-released report from the Florida Attorney General’s Office/Office of Inspector General is in, and the results are clear:


(just don’t intend to do it)

I suspect that at some point in time, I will be run out of this state, my home state.   I have written far too many posts about the absolute corruption among corporations and government fo them not to come attack me and chase me out of this state.   (so too has my friend Mark Stopa)   He too will be run out of the state, or worse.   How dare two attorneys speak out against a blatantly improper legal practice?

But it’s not just us, you really must get a flavor for the national press that is picking up on the abject corruption that we all live in down here in the swamp called Florida.

What will it take before things are finally so bad that people finally wake up and take a stand?   Please read the articles and especially pay attention to the comments from readers:

The usual stereotype of corruption on the US state level is that, depending on the day, Louisiana or Mississippi tops the list. But the cesspool created by the widening foreclosure crisis in Florida puts anything in kudzu-land to shame.

The object lesson is a statement issued by the Florida Office of the Inspector General concerning its decision not to investigate the firing (or more accurately, resignation under duress) of two lawyers in the attorneys general’s office, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, who believe they were canned for political reasons, namely, for being too aggressive in investigating foreclosure abuses. Note that these firings came shortly after they received exemplary performance reviews.

Naked Capitalism

and here:

A remarkable report from an Inspector General in Florida not only clears the state Attorney General’s office for the firings of two foreclosure fraud investigators, it accuses bloggers and advocates of dictating and controlling investigations, sometimes for nakedly personal reasons.




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  • Alrady says:

    Come to Arizona… our fraud is as bad or worse…. OR you can keep going and win that election… .Hey why not jump into the race for president…..?

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