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The State of Florida- Epicenter of State Sposored Fraud and Corruption



It’s been more than a year now since evidence of widespread fraud in Florida courtrooms was first broadcast in national news. And has anything changed?   Well yes, interestingly enough….Florida’s “leadership” wants to just moonwalk away from all the wrongdoing…sort of act like nothing at all has happened…..but let’s just review some of the details:

Foreclosuregate as some have dubbed the crisis, may ultimately force David J. Stern to unload a few of his Ferraris. (SORRY, NOT SO MUCH)

Stern’s people were foreclosing first and doing their legal paperwork later. In effect, it also meant they were lying to the court””an act that could get a lawyer disbarred or even prosecuted. (NOT EVEN CLOSE)

“The execution date and notarial date,” the judge wrote in a blunt ruling, “were fraudulently backdated, in a purposeful, intentional effort to mislead the defendant and this court.” (OH WELL)

“This was done to cover up fraud,” Tom fumes. “It was done precisely so they could try to hit a reset button and keep us from getting the real goods.” (AND IT WORKED VERY WELL, THANK YOU)

“Thousands of final judgments of foreclosure against Florida homeowners may have been the result of the allegedly improper actions of these law firms,” Said Florida Attorney General Bill McColllum…right before he launched investigations….that are dead….



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  • if the transactions were legit, you wouldn’t see all these “lost note” counts and servicers (who do not own loans) wouldn’t be telling people that they had to stop making payments in order to receive assistance.

    i mean really, they don’t “lose” notes… the depositor has them, right. because if they did not have the note and mortgage the “trustee” would have to notify the “investors.”

    ask bank of new york about that!

    we the people have been fleeced – forced to bail out the perps who have leveraged credit default swap contracts to pay them up to 70 times the amount of the home. this goes against the very foundation of business law, contract law, lending law, securities and tax laws… I mean really, lets just go ahead and throw a big party for them while we’re at it?

    changing the system to accommodate the perps is the WRONG answer!

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