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The “Secret” Underbelly of Service of Process Fraud.

jacksonvillev4_logoRead the attached article on Fraud in Foreclosures that recently appeared in the Jacksonville Times Union. Then read carefully the huge dodge of responsibility set up by ProVest’s mouthpiece:

“I expect them to sign their returns of service,” said Karen M. Kelly, the general counsel and chief compliance officer for ProVest.

She said her company has routines for checking the quality of work but adds the servers are independent contractors with their own licenses who are responsible for their actions.

“It’s his job to do it according to the law. We’re not that involved with how they do what they do,” Kelly said. She said she didn’t think ProVest carried any legal responsibility for work done improperly “unless I’m sitting there doing it with him.”

I’m expecting that every reporter and lawyer who’s already sniffing around about fraud in foreclosures and looking for the next big case or story would be reading these statements very, very carefully.   Apparently Provest, “one of the nation’s largest legal support services firms” has attempted to insulate itself from any of the massive liability that is coming from the tsunami of litigation surrounding fraud in service of process.

Remember I reported earlier that title to real estate and now a huge portion of our economy are based on “independent contractors” who are “responsible for their own actions”…….sounds like more fuel for the fire……

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  • JAGREC says:

    I have evidence that Provest is currently engaging in fraudulently signing Affidavits of Diligent Search and Inquiry for purposes of serving homeowners with Constructive Process of Service or Service by Publication. These Affidavits were effectively signed by Robosigners with no personal knowledge, not in front of their notaries, and the notaries themeselves robosigned as well. Signatures of both the affiants and notaries drastically vary from affidavit to affidavit suggesting that they were signed by the same person. It is my understanding that these affiants and notary public are internal employees of Provest and not independent contractors. This is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Banks stand to lose large because when this bomb goes off, banks will be on the hook with voided judgments. Then what?

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