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The Rocket Docket Scandal- The Press Is Picking It Up!

FOX4-news-foreclosurePlease click on the link below for an excellent news piece on the injustices that are occurring in the foreclosure rocket dockets .   Please share this link with your news markets so that they pick up on this story in your market.

Listen to how the Clerk of Court provides the rationale for what is occurring in his circuit.   I don’t know if he’s a lawyer or not, but he’s got the law totally wrong, but the interview makes the point….this is not about the law this is about crunching the numbers and accomplishing some absurd goal for god only knows what purpose….You could not find a judge that would offer that kind of explanation…I just want to know from judges just why they are so compelled to grant these things…it’s absurd….

Please watch the link and forward on….the more the press sees stories like these getting attention, the more the real story will be covered by the press…and the press may be our only hope out of this dark wilderness…..

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