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The Riots in London And What They Mean For Americans….

London-RiotsI have been watching with great dismay what is happening around the world and particularly the riots that are occurring in Europe. The riots in London are especially troubling.   These riots should serve as a powerful wake up call to everyone in America and we should all start paying attention to what is occurring around the world because this is coming to our back yard.

Tough times are ahead and real Americans are fed up with living in a country where the Banks, the Wall Streeters and the rich and powerful play by an entirely different set of rules than you and I play by. Wake up America and take note….this is no longer a drill. From Martin Fletcher at CNBC:

LONDON – You really don’t have to look very far for the reasons for London’s rioting, looting and generally thuggish frenzy of violence, located mostly in poorer, peripheral communities. The lives of most rioters are so far removed from those of the country’s leaders it’s like they occupy different planets.
Think about this: To cope with the violence, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson interrupted his family vacation in North America.
Prime Minister David Cameron returned from his vacation in a (shared) ten thousand pounds a week villa in Italy where he was reportedly taking tennis lessons with a coach flown out from Britain.
Home Secretary Theresa May cut short her vacation in Switzerland.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg returned from his vacation in France.
I was wondering as I watched, from a safe distance, a mob of young men, running, looting and throwing bottles, when the last time was that one of them had a vacation. Probably never. I thought, this is their vacation. It’s a break from their routine of hanging around street-corners. It’s fun, for them. They were laughing as police chased them.
Don’t get me wrong; they should arrest every last person who broke the law and terrified innocent residents. But is it really surprising that under-educated, jobless youths go on the rampage, faced with the inconceivable gap between the rich and the poor and their sense of utter hopelessness and disenfranchisement?
They feel they deserve a slice of the cake too. Their sense of entitlement is this: We are entitled to steal what we can.

Violence and lawlessness spread across London as the capital’s most senior police officer urged the public to clear the streets in affected communities. Property and vehicles have been set on fire in several areas, some burning out of control.



  • Cheryl says:

    The rioters are reportedly just low life criminal thugs, not protesters at all.

  • Jesse says:


    Great piece and as a matter of fact my family was discussing this very issue yesterday.

    Our conclusion is simple….America is asleep at the wheel and other countries are not. If this nonsense that we are all going through took place anywhere else the white house would have been burned down a long time ago.

    No one seems to take into consideration what we are doing to the future of our kids, grand-kids, and great grand-kids. All Americans seem to think about is themselves and whats in it for me.

    When Americans can put themselves down for a minute and think about others and situations that might not affect them but others this county will finally start shaping up.

  • Steve says:

    Really should be giving Martin Fletcher credit for writing this article in his blog at

  • Jane says:

    Matt – This is something I posted on the Huff Post UK:

    ” Stephen, thank you for paring it down to the bare bones. I am a Brit living in the USA in Florida which is being decimated by the foreclosur ­e crisis, brought on by the bankers who received massive bailouts from the taxpayers. I found myself becoming quite obsessed by this subject and so I decided to educate myself in basic economics.

    I began to learn about Keynes (and his nemesis Ayn Rand), about European and American Imperialis ­m being responsibl ­e for so many of the world’s woes. How poverty is growing at an alarming rate, how the gulf between rich and poor is getting ever wider, about banks and multinatio ­nal corporatio ­ns and how they work in tandem with corrupt government ­s both in the first and third worlds in their eternal lust for money and power.

    Then I discovered a masterful piece of investigat ­ive journalism by Nicholas Shaxson:
    https://tre ­asureislan ­
    I was incensed by what I read, how so much of the world’s wealth is hidden in tax havens and how these havens weave a complex web of deceit through shell banks and phony subsidiari ­es to evade taxes. No amount of money will ever be enough, their greed is endless.

    Society could be better in so many ways for so many people, if everyone would just play fair.

    I in no way condone the events of the last 3 days – but there is no doubt, it is a symptom of something much more destructiv ­e than burned out cars and looted shops.”

  • Meg says:

    This is why we still need some form of government. Without rules people would do exactly what we are seeing in London. Sad to say, but true. We all need to step up to the plate and realize if we continue to stay on one side or the other we are getting no where fast. Instead we should try to see what is happening before our very eyes.

    Many of us are doing just that and realize we need to work to repair our world. Is everyone else so head strong that they cannot work towards compromise? I don’t believe this is the case, as we are seeing more and more people understanding the situation, such as Matt Weidner, Dylan Ratigan etc… They are speaking up about these issues EVERY DAY. Why?? They are attempting to wake everyone up… to show you that this is an issue we need to address NOW!

    Quoting from an article in Time Magazine, dated March 29th, 1976.

    The Art of Compromise – The art of compromise, which is essential to democracy, seems to have gone out of style in recent years of angry all-or-nothing politics. Especially when the Congress is Democratic and the President is Republican, the result is often no legislation, and many issues are left to fade or fester.

    Read more:,9171,918143,00.html#ixzz1UfNhSBL1

    As you can see, things have not changed much in Congress in over twenty years, except maybe our country is in more debt and our President is a Democrat. Before people were complacent for the most part, but that is not the case any longer. Enough of the finger pointing, the hate, the division. Let’s work together to make our world a better place.

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