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The Reward For Bank Crime? The Foreclosure Rocket Docket, 1 Minute Per File! JUSTICE IS SERVED!


So how do you reward a master criminal enterprise that was allowed to flourish all across the country?

Well, attorney generals from 49 states sign an agreement where the masters of the enterprise agree to pay them a few dollars….and at least one attorney general rewards the criminal enterprises with their very own court system!

If you can handle the taste of your own vomit, have a little read of this REPORT FROM THE TRENCHES:

Miami-Dade started rocket foreclosure trials (one minute for uncontested cases and five minutes for contested cases) several months ago.   They have now begun in Palm Beach County and will soon start in Broward.     I’m sure other counties will soon fall in line.

This is a ruthless and efficient process to clear the docket of foreclosure cases, most grievously, funded by our work–part of Florida’s take of the foreclosure fraud settlement.

I went to observe on Tuesday.   About seventy trials were dispensed, all ending with a judgment and a sale date, in about an hour.   Several families were there, begging for justice.   Several foreclosure defense attorneys were there, and informed by the judge (retired due to aging out of judgeship per FL constitutional age limit and now back in the foreclosure senior judge employment program – my term), that they had to speed it up.   BoA robowitness could not answer any basic questions, had never processed a payment, had never supervised payment processing, and had only a rudimentary working knowledge of anything beyond what the printout from the servicer showed was owed.   Usually, this sort of fact witness would be disqualified but the judge overruled any attempt to have his testimony thrown out.

One case in particular was a 2007 American Brokers Conduit – Fannie Mae mortgage, serviced first by Countywide (the AS4000 system record debacle) and then by BAC Home Loans and finally by BOA.   The senior homeowners, one a disabled vet, were paying the fixed rate mortgage payment of $1,855 on time and in full each month for a year when Countrywide force placed a $10,000 hazard insurance policy on the home despite the fact that they had their own policy.   They then jacked up the rate to $2,650 each month, which the homeowners paid while trying to straighten out the insurance issue.   Then, in early 2009, the homeowners received a letter stating that their recent payment of $2,600 had been received and processed but that their payment was now $4,500 and all future payments that were less than that amount would be refused.   The homeowners continued paying $2,650 for many months after receiving that letter and those payments were cashed and processed.   They continued to try to resolve the FPI issue and there is a series of confusing transactions on the payment history; credits and charges.   Finally,   in mid-2009, payments were refused.   The homeowners continued to try to resolve the problem.

Foreclosure lawsuit initiated in March 2010.   The couple were shocked but remained sure they could get this wrong addressed and reversed.     They tried pro-se up until the last minute.

The note has magically appearing endorsements (see below).   There are publicly available depositions of two of the signers on the endorsements exposing fraud and fabrication of their signatures and/or signature stamps.   The assignment of mortgage was executed by an attorney at Marshall Watson mill, which was sanctioned by the FL AG, and was also recently shut down by the Bar (they simply changed their name and didn’t skip a beat).

The judge didn’t want to hear about any of this, cut off the foreclosure defense attorney and told him to go out of the courtroom, call his clients and tell them that the judge is going to grant the foreclosure.



  • r garcia says:

    thanks for ur posting(s)! — you indicate above that a copy of the ‘note’ is (shown below) however there is no link — would you please provide a link to the “???note???” – thanks rg

  • Melissa says:

    Absolutely disgusting! Is this what our country has become? Americans, wake up!

  • Grace says:

    How can a legal system predicated on fairness and the rule of law even survive this nonsense? If any person off the street submitted a notarized document to a court stating they had reviewed the file and later the court found out they did not, they’d be held in contempt and the case thrown out. Is there no alternative for those of us in this position who’s lawyer has now been allowed to drop the case as I head off to my 1 minute hearing on 5/17? Is there anyone out there willing to help? Blogs are great, they provide information and a chance to vent but we need someone to stand up and say enough. How does a citizen challenge this machinery in court without any help? I have lost all faith in my government (thanks OCC), lawyers and the system.

  • Darla Hanger says:

    Sounds remarkably similar to what happens here in AZ – only there is no judicial process PRIOR to the gavel going down (unless you file quiet title() What you just described is what I have seen firsthand in the courts here during the unlawful detainer which gives people 5 days to leave their home. Mnay of the families in court have no idea what is happening. The judge and lawyer speak for the banks. Some have modifications signed and in hand, others are told nothing that can be done once the gavel is down. Judges will take a whole stack of paperwork from an attorney and process it. … Each family must talk to the bank lawyer before their case is heard (sickening). I even saw a translator provided that spoke wrong dialect and the people had no understanding of what was being said….. Too bad so sad says the judge – evicted anyway.

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