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Foreclosure Defense Florida

The “Newest” Fraudclosure Scandal- Service of Process Fraud….

fire-dog-lake-foreclosuresThe allegations and the evidence is not new, it’s like a mushroom cloud that will keep growing as more and more people understand their rights and take note of the fact that their rights have been violated.   Every defendant in a foreclosure case is entitled to have the lawsuit personally handed to them, but in far too many cases, defendants are not actually receiving the lawsuits.   Sometimes they are left on the doorstep, sometimes they receive it in the mail and in some cases, they do not receive it at all.

Title insurance companies and lenders need to be particularly concerned about these allegations because judgments based upon fraudulent service of process ARE VOID FOREVER!   That’s right, there is no statue of limitations.   There is no time limit to bring the challenge to the judgment and to invalidate the title founded upon that judgment.

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