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The Newest Fraudclosure Scam

An example of a story reported to me…the third similar such in a week.   The previous two involved borrowers sending money their lender to reinstate their mortgages….only their lender didn’t credit them….identity theft from within the lender/servicer.   People on the inside taking information and using it for their own purposes…wouldn’t be hard to create fictitious names that sound similar enough to the real thing to cash those checks right? (Search “fictitious name” on this blog.)   Won’t anyone step up to stop all of this?

I have been contacted on several occasions by a company representing
themselves as representative for Wells Fargo Mortgage. They asked me EXACTLY
the same questions in the same sequence as WF has during my foreclosure. I
recently received a letter from Wells Fargo regarding my inquiry regarding
my account. ( I have not contacted WF regarding a “Short Sale” as the letter
indicated that I had.

I went back to a an old letter from WF and called the number listed to
insure I was indeed calling WF. I explained the situation and they escalated
it to their fraud departement.
There are criminals who are now contacting the folks in foreclosure posing
as the bank, gathering their personal information and then contacting the
bank and psoing as the consumer to negotiate a short sale. Should I contact
the Florida Attorney General about this? I find this extremely alarming. My
home is up for sale on Nov. 4 and I thought that I was negotiating with
Wells Fargo and in fact I was not. WF says they are not contracted with this
company. I have lost a lot of valuable time with this Co. and I am afraid I
be a victim of identiy theft as well. I need some advise. I think that this
may be a new scam that is being pulled on both the homeowner and the bank.
Wells Fargo was extremely interested in my information.

I have the call on my caller ID. The funny thing is that I gave WF my cell
phone and this call came to my land line. Sounded just like a wells Fargo

I can provide my case number if you need it.

What has happened to me is criminal and it needs to be investigated. How
many others have been victims of this NEW approach to scam vulnerable
homeowners and the banks?

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  • speakout says:

    Here’s one for you. I got my case dismissed with prejudice and 10 months later some attorney out of California that set up shop in Florida is trying to re-open my case & reverse my dismissal using the info from the court docket to create a file. And the bank he is “representing” is already out of business. Not served, just mailed me a “court motion” . Somebody needs to clean up the street from the swine that are loose.

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