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The New York Times- The AG Settlements Are a Joke

wrongful-foreclosuresWe are all getting screwed, sold up the river by the Attorneys General who have crafted a settlement agreement with the criminal corporations that are abusing our country and courts.   That we are all being abused is now universally understood and is being consistently reported on. You can’t get more coverage than the New York Times after all.   So what will come of the outrage that’s being squarely reported on?   Probably nothing.   But the reporting will be advance warning to all of us that things will get worse and that the corporations own us all….

From the New York Times:

We were worried recently when we saw an advance draft of legal agreements between federal regulators and the nation’s big banks to address and correct foreclosure abuses. The actual deals were as bad as we feared.

Full Editorial Here

And more analysis in a front page article that appeared in the New York Times:

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