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The National Mortgage Settlement….REPORT YOUR CONCERNS NOW!

I will remain critical of the National Mortgage Sellout until consumers get treated fairly…which is to say that I will always be critical of this deal that sold out consumers and was a gift to the banks…a reward for their wrongdoing.
It drives me nuts that reporters fail to report that the settlement was primarily a slap on the wrist for engaging in billions of dollars in insurance fraud.   Our children will be paying for the fraud for decades…the banks giving a few dollars back will not change that disgusting fact.
I was recently quoted in the St. Petersburg Times as saying that the settlement remained a failure as long as families are still being thrown into the street.   I am told that this should no longer be happening as much under the terms of the settlement.
And so, like an abused spouse, I return to the abuser hopeful again that it will stop.
I am advised that the Mortgage Settlement Monitor wants to hear from consumers who are not receiving proper treatment….

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