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MIAMI HERALD- The Most Grossly Offensive Public Records Lawsuit In The History of Florida

“It is clear this governor has made a calculated decision that violating the constitutional rights is the cost of doing business — a cost he doesn’t have to bear,” said Weidner, whose case against the governor and Cabinet was settled in July. “While these numbers are shocking, you can’t calculate the cost to citizens of the state for government that is operating in darkness. The real costs will be borne in years to come for a government that operates in contempt for fundamental right to records.”

The Weidner case has cost the state more than $225,000 in legal fees, not including the legal fees from the governor’s office. Scott’s office has not disclosed how much they state money was spent to defend the governor in either the Weidner case or the Andrews lawsuits, despite repeated requests from the Herald/Times Tallahassee bureau.

But most importantly…read the settlement:




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