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The MERS Splitting Argument- By a Pro Se Litigant De La Salle

The “MERS Splitting” argument is a complex and sophisticated argument, which is presented most powerfully by Pinellas County lawyer, Greg Clark.   Attached here however is the transcript of a Motion to Dismiss hearing where the MERS argument is made quite convincingly by a pro se litigant, Bernice Thoreau De La Salle.

There is something very, very wrong in the MERS mortgage soup.

What is most fascinating about this transcript is how powerfully this plain clothes advocate makes her argument….it’s just plain brilliant and she stands up tough against the bank and a skeptical court…read through the transcript and you will find the court coming back around….she’s does a brilliant job of pushing hard and sticking up….this is a case study in advocacy that practicing attorneys should read.

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