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The Marshall Watson/Florida Attorney AG Settlement- Moonwalking Away From Wrongdoing…

Fair-Foreclosure-ActA colleague shared with me a term, “outrage fatigue”.   She commented that she was just tired of being outraged by the all the outrages that are occurring across this country.

There is so much wrong with this agreement.   Read carefully the “allegations” of wrongdoing recited in the settlement agreement.   Print it out and calculate just how much each line item “allegation” has cost the tens of Floridians that are impacted by Fraudclosuregate.

No questions, the fix is in.   Stay tuned and watch closely as your rights are gutted and more ground is lost. There truly are two sets of laws….one for the common man and another set for those who are so far above it all.

Where is the outrage?   Where are the judges and the prosecutors and the people?   Our courts and our judges have been “operationally” bankrupted by the catastrophe that is Fraudclosuregate….staff cut, salaries cut, lights turned off.   Meanwhile the beneficiaries of all the wrongdoing moonwalk away.


Florida Fair Foreclosure Act


  • commit11 says:

    The rule of law is dead in America. It is simply used to advance political agendas and ideology, punish those that resist, enrich the masters of our fiat government, and further the interests of those that plan to enslave us. Anyone that claims differently is either ignorant, a sheep and useful idiot, a servant of the masters of our fiat government, a willing co-conspirator, or on the take.

  • Allie says:

    The Florida Bar tried to squash the investigation by the AG, claiming that the AG did not have the authority to do so… So the AG agrees to settle with Watson for $2.5M. (hush money) and half of that is given to the Florida Bar? So where is the justice for the homeowners? They are all a buncha crooks conspiring together!

  • Catherine says:

    Marshall Watson-Flaw Firm -this “settlement” has done absolutely nothing to stop this firm from failure to follow the basic rules of procedure.
    They are back to their same old tricks-using fabricated docs, not responding to Discovery & Interogatories-Motions To Compel-
    Pam Bondi settled with a fradulent firm that should have been fined millions more and should have been reprimanded by the BAR and Courts System.

  • clara says:

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