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The Market Is Going to Collapse…And in Foreclosure Defense…We’ve Been on The Frontlines of The Reasons For Collapse.

It is maddening to operate within a legal system that has repudiated any sense of integrity and consequence for the banking class.

As attorneys that represent consumers and who try to balance out the playing field, we labor each day knowing that we are fighting not just the banks, but an entire court system and in fact the entire government who conspire to prop up and defend the criminal cabals that are this nation and in fact the world’s financial systems.

They launder money for drug cartels, they rig all the markets, the manipulate the facts and data. And they don’t do it for fairness or to promote an honest system.

The whole of the system is motivated by arrogant, avarice and greed.

The judicial system was supposed to provide balance. Individual judges were supposed to be neutral fact finders who would dispense justice and level the playing fields. Instead, the judicial system works for the system.

Every day in large ways and small ways, we see judges exercising their discretion in favor of the criminal banking enterprises that have wrenched this nation and that enslave people all over the world. We see it in large ways when appellate panels issue opinions contrary to existing law, but which favor the institutions. We see it very personally when appearing in front of judges who heap scorn, contempt and abuse upon those of us who dare to suggest the system is very much wrong.

Those who retain confidence in the integrity of the judicial system in the face of all this are few and far between. It’s certainly not just consumer attorneys….it’s very much bank lawyers. They don’t speak in reserved statements when we talk privately. They acknowledge that in many, many cases they walk into a court system that requires little effort from them…because their outcomes are largely per-determined. And certainly some courtrooms are far worse in that regard than others.

This is what the bank lawyers say.

And there will be a heavy price to pay for all of this.

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