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The Loss Share Agreement, Another Way The Government is Screwing Citizens and Helping Banksters…..

It’s just exhausting.   Every minute, more stories that show just how badly we’re all getting shafted. Hank Paulson has a meeting with his Wall Street Hedge Fund Guys to tell them how to get out….and they make it HUGE….that’s not insider trading?

Bernake and Geithener just throwing our money around with no accountability….with banksters running our government is there any doubt that the deals would favor them?

Right, you know the answer to the question……

And now this….the banksters making more money to foreclose than to work with the taxpayer that bailed them out…..

At what point in time will the sense of outrage boil over to the point where Americas will do something?

From Sun Sentinel:

In the wake of the recent real-estate meltdown, the borrower of a nonperforming loan called his lender with promising news: “I have a buyer looking to make an all-cash offer for my Florida property. Will you meet with us tomorrow?” The lender’s answer: “No.”

Disturbingly, this implausible response is not uncharacteristic of lenders who exploit FDIC loss-share agreements by seeking to foreclose on nonperforming loans, even when prudent business judgment calls for short sale or loan modification solutions. By perverting the terms and spirit of loss-share agreements, these lenders are reaping windfalls while prolonging the foreclosure crisis, depressing real-estate values and sticking taxpayers with the bill.






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