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The Lorriaine Brown/Docx LLC/LPS Plea Agreement….Now What? (What about the co-conspirators? The law firms?)

Count One carries a maximum sentence of up to five (5) years
imprisonment, a fine of up to a fine of up to $250,000 or twice the gross pecuniary gain
or twice the gross pecuniary loss occasioned by the offense, a term of supervised release of not more than three (3) years, and a special assessment of $100, said
special assessment to be due on the date of sentencing. With respect to certain
offenses, the Court shall order the defendant to make restitution to any victim of the
offense, and with respect to other offenses, the Court may order the defendant to make
restitution to any victim of the offense, or to the community, as set forth below.
Plea Agreement



    Matt read this last night what about the McFoley franchises i mean the mills that use the LPS software they missed the fraud also. How many people have showed them the evidece. If this was the Titanic William P Foley would be the first in the life raft.

  • deamon22 says:

    This is happening rampant in St.Louis. The Banks are suing the deceased as Banks AVP in Bankrupcy courts. The Attorneys are all part of the criminal acts. I have found on my documents in the St.Louis Recorders office a fraudulent – altered death certificate of a person related to the Family and members that harrassed me and fraudulently foreclosured in the home. The question becomes. These Non-For Profit organizations such a Beyond Housing members and Hope Now members are all part of the fraud. You go to these people whom take advantage by acquiring your information and then using this information against you.
    The Records show a Eugene Leicht died in the home on February 14,1964 by a gun shot wound in the neck.
    The Brither is listed with his home address. After researching this informaion I have found this goes back to the Special assistant to the Mayor of St.Louis. What ? Yes!!!!! The contractors for the stlouis is Reinhold electric whom I know entered ny home illegally.
    After searching through the documents I have learned the person I purchased the home from was Margaret Green. Husband AP Green. The Son sold the home whom is AJ Green, realtor in New York.
    What becomes most unbeleivable is the fact this happens to be the Family Member ( Cousin of Kit Bond )
    This is a twist of fraud.
    In 2009 the servicer changed to Metlife, they held payments to push foreclosure. They actually held one payment claiming two payments were missed. They then sold the home to THF Investor, (Stan Kroenke ) whom was associated with my ex employer. This was fraud within itself. I paid over $7,000.00 to get the home out of foreclosure to Millsap and Singer.
    Entering into the Trail modification in 2011, making every payment
    after a year the sent a final modification. With this final contract , they then listed the principle higher than it should have been, not reflecting any payments ( weren’t applied )
    When I requested this to be corrected they refused stating this will be applied to the back end of the loan. Meanwhile the documents state clearly, We are not responsible for any verbal agreements made by the employees.
    I refused to sign only sattoing I would sent the documents back. I sent back a final request to cure QWR. Tues January 31,2012. I was called into the employers office and then terminated without reason. They did this due to the fact the state had changed the status from an at will state.
    Once terminated I continued to make the payments and suddenly in Mays payment was returned with a foreclosure letter.
    I filed for Bankrupcy , My attorney what dogs they are !!!
    I found while going thru my documents I had the Original Deed.
    I went to the Attorneys office for counsel and shoed the original documents to the Attorney. In shock and much disbelief however, they failed to state this property with the other was unsecured debt.
    The attorneys got into bankrucpy court and lied to the Judge stating I had not made a payment in over a year.
    I requested to view the documents to foreclose. Of course , the Judge did not enforce this.
    I refuted the statements made ny the attorneys.
    Here we are now later submitting the letter with shoing the payments made to the co0urts although they foreclosured anyway.
    I filed for a temporary restraining order in Civil Court per the Judge,
    The Civil Court stated there was nothing they could do.
    Suddenly I receive a notice from the Court Stating court is in two days. I called the Court and spoke with the Judge assistant whom stated the Judge changed his mind. I informed her I did not have time to inform the opposing party. She stated the Judge did this for you.
    I asked her, well this is an open court , Jury Trail right ? She went back into the Judges chambers to return stating Yes.
    I arrive at the court to find this is a conference for one, two once shoing the Judge they had no secure interest in the home ,. His viewing the Deed. He allowed the attorneys to foreclose anyway. This was all orchestrated by the Courts.
    Mind you. The certificate holders were The Diamond Shop and The Roberts Brothers and their investors. These certificates are floating in the Courts right now.
    The Harrassment was made by these people and their group of investors. The Judge is Black , the investors are in truth Black , the major Harrassers are Black , the Presiding Trustee over St.Louis is Black and a family friend of the Ronberts family.
    Mind you the Judge that is handling the Bankrupcy for the Roberts Brothers is the same Judge overseeing my case.
    I end oup with a Re-Affrimation agreement of the other property which I moved into.
    The Re-Affirmation Agreement was signed by a deceased person.Wendy A. Belanger, Bank of America AVP.
    I found this signature matched a person that signs Affidavits for Milllsap and Singer that works for the Countian Paper.
    Forgery !!! Bogus Assignment from MERS- Dominique Johnson , Deborah Beard and Corelogic.
    I advised my attorneys this assignement was fraudulent. Pointing out the fraud involved. My attorneys resigned from their position as my attorney. Later to find Wellsfargo is part of the fraud.
    The Private Bank. There is a Belanger whom works for the Private bank in stlouis across the street from my attorneys. They have a person working or listed as a Wellsfargo advisor.
    I can’t find one attorney who will touch this case.
    I have no representation and fraud to deal with. If anyone knows an attorney please let me know.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Absolutely! Homeowners and foreclosure defense lawyers often pointed out that the documents were fabricated (forged) and were without lawful authority, and the servicers’ lawyers continued to rely on them.
    Who else is complicit? Willfully blind judges.

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