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The Institutional Investors Speak on Bank of America and Fraudclosuregate

It’s not just homeowner defense attorneys who are screaming that modification and work out is the only solution to the crisis we are in the middle of…..the institutional talking heads and the high powered Wall Street attorneys are aligned with little old consumer lawyers like me and activists demanding that Bank of America and other lenders start working with consumers….

Mortgage Fraud Clearinghouse

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  • litgant says:

    Ok, now we are learning who the investors are in the certificates issued by the securtized trusts. If I heard right here and on other media, the following are some of the investors:

    All teacher retirement funds;
    All police retirement funds;
    All firemen retirement funds;
    All union retirement funds;
    All those who have medical related retirement funds;
    Civil service retirement funds;
    Municiple retirement funds;
    et al.
    The managers of these retirement funds were duped to invest in these securtized certificates looking for stable and fixed returns over so many years. These managers had no clue the sub-prime mortgages backing these certificates were nearly all created by fraud on all levels from application, underwriting, appraisals, income verifications, credit scores, income to debt ratios, fraudulent affidavits, fraudulent assignments, fraudulent closings, fraudulent notary attestations, destruction of notes and mortgage documents after electronic registration on MERS, and other illegal and criminal conducts.
    The investors are now crying “put back.” Meaning make the original lenders who made these fraudulent loans buy back their junk mortgages. In this manner the investors at least get their investment money back even if they get no interest payments. But, many of these lenders conveniently went out of business. Who will buy these junk mortgages back? Who will negotiate with the propery owners? Well, here is where they bamboozle the judicary. Make them think they need to save the economy and more importantly THEIR OWN PENSION FUND!
    They are biased jerks on these benches acting unbiased, looking with scorn at defense lawyers and Pro Se litigants. These black caped part-time foxy thugs do not care about fraud because to uncover it, may mean their retirement fund just collapsed and they will live on welfare and collect food stamps, move out of their million dollar condos, and hold a cardboard sign on a street corner.
    So, there will be no JUSTICE from the senior judges who need their monthly $500 retirement check. They have their pension to protect. It is the young judges who still have time to have their retirement vehicles carefully managed. They are the ones most likely to give decisions that are based upon the rule of law. But hold it: will they, when the gray-haired chief judge appears with a frown and tells them <b?"no more written decisions like that or else."
    No wonder the Democrats and Republicans are as silent as the grave on this issue. They know if they dare take the side of homeowners against fraudulent banks they will incur the wrath of the pension fund members. And this means over 80 million Americans will be stirred up by unions, media, and other ranters, against these political candidates. The election next week will be controlled by fear. And those elected who refused to stand by the American people, will remain in the pockets of the fraud system called banks. America, take your money out of all these banks. Do it right now. That is how you will really VOTE…..

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