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The Housing Crash and Iran Contra? The Housing Crash, Money Laundering Tied Together Since 2001

The housing pump and dump began long before Bush..Bush II…it goes way back to Bush I.
Imagine that.
How skreewered are we? Huh?
You mean it’s much deeper and longer than any of us have been told so far?

Martin Andelman with Catherine Austin Fitts



  • not an auditor anymore says:

    Martin Andelman knocked this podcast out of the freakin park. If you truly love America, you will listen very, very carefully to Catherine Austin Fitts describe how money laundering, drug cartels & government, Real Estate (and its implosion) and the theft of our Country’s wealth to Asia are all interrelated. If you won’t listen to it, ““ and act responsibly upon it ““ mail in your f%$#$%$ keys to JPMorgan Chase, BoA, Citi, etc. and leave the country now, as you are a traitor to our Constitution, fact and law and due process. (Sorry if any of you are offended ““ But I don’t give a S%$# about offending anybody when I know we are right to press on with this fight against fascism.)
    Rob Harrington ““ Co-founder National Wamu Homeowners Support

  • John Anderson says:

    This whole shell game has just about ran it’s course.
    What does it all mean?
    It’s not about profit, it’s about destroying the US economy, and it’s been in the works since 1973 with Nixon going to China and Kissinger forming OPEC.
    I am not sure who’s behind it, nor the purpose of it, but I do know these forces have control of both political parties in this country, at the county, state, and federal levels.
    So whats to do about it?
    Try to educate some of the brighter people you know and encounter, try to get new people elected to public office regardless of the party. The longer people are in office the greater the chance of influence and corruption.
    We need something new. We need something that works.
    In Roddenberry’s Star Trek humanity had done away with money, & operated under a resource based economy that unified the people for the betterment of all, where people pursue their interests, in their field of choice. No greed, no war, need & suffering eliminated, technology expanded to free mankind of manual labor.
    Sadly Gene did not say how mankind threw off the shackles of the elite. who claim to own the earths resources
    Let us kill the rich, by doing away with money,,, they’ll thank us later.

  • Linda says:

    Catherine Austin Fitts has a website:
    She also has recommendations for people:
    Catherine Austin Fitts – Mapping the Real Deal: Where Would Jesus Bank? 7/4/2004
    Goes way beyond Bush I as well… Look at what happened in 1999 that allowed the S&L morph into mortgage backed securities. That was only a turn in the road. It goes way beyond that as well!
    Smart lady!

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