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The Greece Riots, Coming Soon To a Street Near You?

greek-riotsAh Greece, the cradle of democracy.   Say have you seen the streets burning?   Have you seen hundreds of thousands of Greeks out rioting in the streets?   Of course not, because Amerika has The Grammys! And We’ve got our Attorney General Settlement and “we’re” electing a president.

We’ve all got way too much going on.   And besides, there’s no reporting of hundreds of thousands of people in the streets in my paper and Bryan Williams isn’t talking about it, so it must not matter to us…..right?

Oh, I’m sure that analysis is correct. After all, we can trust the media and our government….right?

Ok, now for the real world.   Take a look at real news coverage of the riots in Athens. The 99% in Greece are going nuts because the banksters and their own government are choking the life out of them.   And it’s the same bankster cabals that are responsible for crashing the US economy. Read about it in derSpeigel. Because of course you will not read about it in our captive media, wasting all our time with propaganda and distractions.   Indeed, the revolution will not be televised.

The thing is, Greece is suffering now the kind of extreme pangs that are certain to come here onto our shores.   You see, it’s simple math and our numbers do not add up….not even close.   Not by a long shot.   And so what will happen when millions of Amerikans realize there will be no Social Security, no Medicare, no Food Stamps….while at the same time, the banksters and government officials are living quite fine, thank you very much?

Ponder the thought while across the country attorney generals bargain and negotiate with the banksters and right here in Florida, the legislature contemplates ways to help the banks take homes more quickly.

Ain’t democracy grand?

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