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The Government and Fat Cat Bankers Conspire Against Us

fat cat mortgage bankersIn Sunday’s Wall Street Journal, James Thorner reports what many of you already know….The Federal Government is doing next to nothing to help solve the foreclosure crisis.   If you’ve tried to get a modification, you know the drill…YOU CAN’T GET ONE!

In fact, of the hundreds of thousands of good people in the Tampa Bay area who need help, only 3,653 have qualified.   The article reports that nearly twenty percent of mortgages in the Tampa Bay area are 90 days late…and that number is low.   So the modifications are a drip drop in a big fat bucket. Read the full story here. James Thorner got it right in the headline, Mortgage Shell Game.

It’s a game being played against the American people.   The Fat Cats bet against the American people and the feds continue to reward and prop up there bets.   Read the Wall Street Journal Article here. Goldman Sachs isn’t the only one…..they all bet against us and committed massive fraud….they are continuing to be rewarded.

Our only hope: Convincing circuit judges and state legislators not to reward the continued systemic fraud against the American / Florida people.

Remember, Foreclosure Courts are Courts of Equity…..that has profound significance in the long-term fight.

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