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The GOP Convention, A Disgusting Spectacle….

I’m no fan of the statist in chief we currently have, but the spectacle presented by the REpubs is even more disgusting…..From Firedog Lake:

The increasingly surreal reality show that is the Republican Convention is rapidly shaping up to be one of the most offensive displays of mendacity, racism, and bloodlust the Republicans have yet performed, as evidenced in the ” color” stories coming out of it.   From a black CNN camera operator pelted with nuts by some slack-jawed cracker slurring, ” this is how we feed animals,” and a Puerto Rican billionairess speaker shouted down by the mob chanting, ” USA,” Ann Romney waxing lyrical about her ” real” marriage, to a bloated and surly Chris Christie bragging about union-busting in his laughable fake Sopranos style, the whole undeniably engrossing spectacle, harried by a hurricane, is just a few midgets shy of a Fellini movie.
Better yet, the whole theme of the convention, ” We Built That,” is based on just another well-marketed lie, and yet takes place in a facility financed largely by taxpayer dollars.   Seriously, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.   Those who not inaccurately call this the first post-truth election might be missing the point; this election, fittingly being orchestrated behind the scenes with the help of Karl Rove, seems to no longer have much need to hide the truth.   Post Citizens United, they no longer have to.   What else could explain the 150 foot yacht emblazoned with the flag of the Cayman Islands?   They just aren’t bothering anymore.   They bought it, it’s theirs, and they’re coming to take possession.

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