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Foreclosure Defense Florida

THE GMAC Bankruptcy…what you don't know could DESTROY your chances for success in foreclosure….

If you’ve got a GMAC foreclosure, you need to contact me IMMEDIATELY ….. in order to protect yourself in the context of the bankruptcy.


  • Blue Floridian says:

    Why not share more so that other attorneys will be able to help others.

  • phil says:

    GMAC sold millions of loans to people like Nationstar and they have told me an Bondi…they are not responsible for the people they screwed as those loans were sold. They will be backing out of that
    DOJ settlement and that money will go to balance the Florida budget
    so the wealthy can avoid any kind of tax increase.
    Same old story…the banksters get away with economic murder.

  • Luis Fernandez says:

    Hi Mr. Weidner ,
    I’am a senior , Veteran of the War years 1972-74, My wife is a senior and was prequalified for a Senior HUD “HECM” Home Equity Conversion Mortgage , better known as a “Reverse Mortgage”
    I have been self employed since 1993 . In 2007 March I suffered a 95% blockage of my heart coronaries, that required a open chest operation and a 5 coronary bypass . Hardly recovering from that operation ,7 months in Oct.2007 later I suffered a heart attack. Yes it can happen, as I was informed by my Doctors.
    Even with this health issue , our server “Homecoming Finance” did not accept my hardship situation , nor accepted our Reverse Mortgage payment solution .
    I was foreclosed in Jan. 2008 by JPMorgan Chase Bank, and their attorney , Florida Default Law Group. A GMAC Jeffrey Stephan affidavit of “amounts owed and due” was used with no document attached .
    I offered a legal solution to avoid losing my home . It was a pre-approved refinance of a Reverse Mortgage , it would have paid off my foreclosed mortgage in one payment. My originator “lender” was Pinnacle Direct Funding Corp., but JP Morgan Chase filed the foreclosure with a GMAC Robo-affidavit , and a undated Note .
    Nevertheless my house was sold in auction on Feb.22,2010 .
    Cordially yours ,
    Luis Fernandez

  • Nate says:

    What’s up with GMAC. I have a loan with them. You said contact you.

  • Jennifer Marlow says:

    I have my home financed with GMAC. We are in foreclosure at this time. What can we do?

  • Christine says:

    My boyfriend’s house is in foreclosure. His loan is with GMAC. He is currently employed and makes his payments, but has had no luck contacting GMAC to see what he should do. Can you help us?

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