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The GMAC Bankruptcy Borrower's Committee-Making Sure Homeowners Have a Voice!

First, a big word of thanks and recognition to my colleague Paula Rush who continues to provide excellent information that supports my cases. The key thing is, the Plaintiffs had better not lie about who owns my loans or whose calling the shots on the loans that impact my clients….I know where the bodies are buried and who the Wizard Behind the Curtain is!
Next, I remain frustrated that homeowners are not being treated fairly in GMAC cases…(no surprise….right?) I mean, after all, the laws in this country do not exist to provide any relief to the American taxpayer after all…do they?
Well, that’s what we’ll try to find the answer to (once again) with this GMAC bankruptcy filing, our Motion For Appointment of a Borrower’s Committee.   My fervent hope is that we can ensure that the millions of borrowers all across this country will have a voice when the big boys are sitting around the table carving up what’s left of GMAC.
Stay tuned….

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  • speakout says:

    If you haven’t yet seen the movie THRIVE – you need to.
    Go to We need to wake up more people to what is happening to our country. This movie explains it all. With solutions too. Watch it free online. 2 hours – well worth the time. We need the masses to stand up to the corrupt government that is allowing the bankers to get away with the crime. 1776- remember that year – it is our right and duty to change the government when it is not working for the people. THE PEOPLE run this country – NOT a handful of corrupt politicians! They work for us. We must DEMAND justice and DEMAND our right to be heard that we do not consent to laws that harm us and violate our rights and allow crooks to run free.
    We must stand up and take our position as the ones in charge. That they must answer to us. And that goes for the courts as well. They are the trustees of the public trust, WE are the beneficiaries and they owe us. It is our credit that backs this nation. WE are the creditors. WE are the assets of this nation. WE built this nation with our time and labor and money. And WE want it back from those that assume it belongs to them for shifting digits on a computer screen. Claim the note as your asset. You are the only one that signed it. If they cashed it, they got paid, and if they didn’t, they need to credit it.

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