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The Foreclosure Mills and The Florida Legislature Want To Change The Florida Constitution!

florida-amendmentThe Florida SUPREME Court passed a rule.   A very simple rule really.   It said, “Foreclosure mills and banks, please, pretty please, tell the truth.”   That’s all the rule is.   And despite how simple and basic this rule is, the banks and foreclosure mills have gone nuts.   First then just ignored this rule all across the state.   To this day, some of the foreclosure mills continue to ignore the rule or play games with it.   Far too often they get away with it.   Letting them get away with it is a dramatic example of the breakdown in our entire system of government because judges were the last line of defense against corporations gone wild.   When judges refuse to enforce laws designed to protect the common man, the corporation’s Rule of Law becomes institutionalized.

And now the Florida Legislature wants in on the action.   The legislature is bought and paid for by the banks and foreclosure mills.   The legislature is incensed that judges might a) pass rules to require truth and integrity and b) pass rules that impede the foreclosure mills from grinding along with their misdeeds.   Never mind that this is the Florida SUPREME Court we’re talking about here.   After all, what do they know?   And so the response of the Florida Legislature is to introduce a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution that would gut the Florida Supreme Court and the third branch of government.

” No court shall have the power, express or implied, to adopt rules for practice and procedure in any court. Court rules of practice and procedure may be recommended by the Supreme Court to be adopted, amended or rejected by the legislature in a manner prescribed by general law. If there is a conflict between general law and a court rule, the general law supersedes the court rule.”

Scary really, and hopefully the Florida Senate will realize just how obscene this amendment is.   But it is a dramatic example of just how powerful the foreclosure mills and the banks are in the state.   They’re angry because Florida’s courts are attempting to do just what our founding forefathers intended that they do….protect us all from overreaching corporations and their supreme influence.

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