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The Foreclosure Mess- Florida Courts Must Do Better

The national and even international press are on red alert and are reporting the tragedies that are played out in “our” foreclosure courtrooms.   The press will continue to do their jobs because we’re only scratching the surface of the fraud, the deceit and the con that continues to play out….the full specter of the chaos will play out in 2011 and into 2012.   As the attached article notes, courts (in some states) are starting to pay serious attention to the warnings we’ve been blasting for years now…

In the face of banks’ rampant disregard for the law in pursuing foreclosures with false paperwork, the judiciary has started to emerge as the great defender of due process and the rule of law.

For example, in October, New York put an end to the fraudulent document problem in its courts. Some Ohio courts started making similar efforts. And on Monday, New Jersey put in place rules to end document fraud in its system. New Jersey also called out major banks and demanded they affirmatively demonstrate that their foreclosure procedures are sound. This list of judges standing up for the system is hardly exhaustive.

In each case, the judges made clear they weren’t picking sides. They were merely enforcing the rules, making sure the banks didn’t get special exceptions unavailable to anyone else.

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We’ve got a real problem here across this country because the problems that are being identified in these states are just the tip of the iceberg.   This cannot be ignored any longer.   We can no longer tolerate the widespread denial.   The longer we allow the problems to be ignored, the harder it will be to find solutions.

It’s high time for all of us to wake up and demand change from our strained judicial system. Please share the article with others and leave comments.

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