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Foreclosure Defense Florida

The Foreclosure Fraud Fight is THE Frontline in the battle against the new American Kleptocracy.

The United States of America has changed dramatically right in front of our eyes….we’ve turned into a Kleptocracy.

Kleptocracy, is a term applied to a government that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class , via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service. The term means “rule by thieves“. Not an “official” form of government (such as democracy, republic, monarchy, theocracy) the term is a pejorative for governments perceived to have a particularly severe and systemic problem with the selfish misappropriation of public funds by those in power.

If you’re involved in the foreclosure fight, you see first hand how the most basic core American laws and values are just being blatantly ignored by judges all across this country.   From the founding of this republic, the right of the average citizen to be secure in one’s home has been one of the bedrock principles that help protect our other civil rights and freedoms.   The lenders and economic institutions have co-opted our judicial system and have made our local judges the tools of their orchestrated efforts to disenfranchise ordinary citizens from their freedom and rights.   It is now widely known that the entire foreclosure system currently being processed in courtrooms all across this country is not supported by centuries of well-established case law and rules.

Why are judges all across this country just ignoring basic laws and rules, trampling on the basic rights of the common man all in favor of major institutions and banks?

Why are so many judges, knowing full well that Wall Street and the Fat Cats created the crisis, so willing to continue to reward those who created the crisis?

Why are our local judges unwilling to stand up for their neighbors and say NO to the continued fraud of the Banksters and Wall Street Fat Cats?

A chilling and terrifying video, The Fall of the Republic, which details the complexities involved in the current economic crisis is found here. While too much attention has been focused on borrowers who have failed to pay their mortgages, precious little attention has been paid to the institutional crimes that have continued to be committed by the leaders at the top of the pyramid.

We’re in big trouble here folks….about the only hope we have for any short term relief is local judges recognizing the bigger picture here and standing up for the ordinary American.   We need to keep fighting this fight and making this complex argument before our judges….remember, foreclosure court is a court of equity….that has profound implications in this fight if you can get judges to understand this issue.


  • Lynne says:

    Would having court reporters in the courtroom help to put all all of these corrupt judges on notice? Seems like the last thing a judge would want is for his/her case to be appealed and overturned.

    • I really don’t think most of our judges are corrupt…they’re just overwhelmed by the magnatude of this crisis and frozen by an antiquated way of thinking….i.e. they just cannot accept the fraud being committed in front of them…court reporters are a necessity, they just help to slow things down and get everyone thinking….we all need court reporters all the time, in every hearing.

      • Anita says:

        Attorney Weidner,
        We went before our local judge for a foreclosure sales date to be set, and counsel for the Lender Never showed up, so the judge ordered Mediation to be set up in the coming months.

        Later, I heard that we could petition for dismissal for prejudice, so we did.. but the judge denied it.

        May I ask you, do you think it was denied due to the previous order to Mediate..and if so, how do we overcome that order?? Or did that even play a part in the denial?? What can we do at this point since Counsel for the Lender, clearly Defaulted.
        Also, is there a window of time that these Motions have to be filed before the point dies on the vine?

        And (if I may), one last question: HOW DO WE MAKE THESE JUDGES AWARE OF THIS FRAUD?? I am sure that SOME are still not aware, and it’s just business as usual for them, what can we do??

        Thank you for all that YOU do!
        Bless you sir!

  • Warrenfan says:

    Good article, but what about those of us in non-judicial states, like CA? Most of us can’t find attorneys who know as much as we do about what is going on. Any ideas where WE start?

  • Ralph Aguila says:

    Everyone should watch the “Fall of the Republic”. There are currently six million households who are at least 60 days late on their mortgage payments. Notwithstanding the fact that we are entering the 4th year of this housing crisis. The judges claim that they will help end the housing crisis by adjudicating all these foreclosures to clear the housing stock. the question is, who are the people who will be moving into all these foreclosed homes? Where do the people who lose their homes go to? When the NYSE goes down by 1,000 points in 10 minutes and then goes back up just as quickly, then we know that the market is completely rigged.

    I went to Bill McCollum’s mortgage fraud event yesterday in Miami to show substantiated evidence of FIRPTA tax evasion and fraudulent signatures by our mortgage broker and realtor. There was literally only one person from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement there. The rest of the people their were helping out with “loan modifications”. It was a complete joke. Of course, the one person from the FDLE had no knowledge about mortgage or real estate fraud. His focus was on narcotics sales and homeland security. Maybe he should start reading this blog.

  • Bill says:

    3rd DCA is part of the NWO.

  • Alina says:

    It is precisely because foreclosure court is a court of equity that homeowners are at a disadvantage. As you have stated, judges have an antiquated mode of thinking – they cannot believe that an attorney will stand before them and lie; they cannot believe that fraud was committed by the banks; they believe that this is a contract and the homeowner has breached that contract; they believe that if they apply black letter law, it will result in a windfall for the homeowner notwithstanding the fact that the banks could have prevented this adverse outcome.

    I have an old TILA case – Sosa v. Fite. In that case, Sosa rescinded her contract and also offered to tender. The creditor never responded so Sosa was forced to file a federal action to enforce the rescission. The judge ruled in Sosa’s favor by declaring that the creditor had forefeited their rights to the property and opined: “The creditors, of course, failed to carry out any of their statutory duties, and thus their lament of any inequity being visited upon them is utterly unpersuasive, for the power was completely theirs to prevent this parade of creditor horribles from ever occurring.”

    Every time I hear a foreclosure horror story, I am reminded of this and I wonder if there still exist any judges who think in this manner.

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  • PJ says:

    Matt, thanks for putting the appropriate name on all of this… and Fannie & Freddie to the list of Kleptomaniacs…
    As Ralph said who is buying this imploding number of housing units… with millions more held off balance sheets in a shadow inventory by the GSE’s & the NY Fed and not accounted for in other statistics… and where have and where will all of these citizens go…. most already without jobs ….

    Fannie need’s $8.4 billion more in bailout funds… read it a weep!

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