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The Foreclosure Fight Makes National News- Radio Program to Feature Foreclosure

power-hour-weidnerSeveral important things this week, Thursday is a major battle in my epic fight against Indymac.   In cases all across the country, Indymac continues to pursue foreclosure when I contend, supported by their own documents and contracts with the FDIC, that they no longer have the capacity or authority to pursue these cases…when pushed on the issue, the attorneys in my case finally admitted as much…ON THE EVE OF TRIAL. The question before the court is do we allow such substitutions to occur when they are prejudicial to my client and when the attorneys have been misrepresenting this key fact or do we just allow them to get away with it?   Stay tuned, update on Friday. Tomorrow, Thursday, July 8th, 2010 beginning at 10:00 a.m., I will appear on “THE POWER HOUR” , a nationally syndicated political talk show where the subject will be all foreclosures….hear about latest developments, get detailed updates on important trial topics and learn about new appellate court cases.

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The amount of press coverage about notary fraud is becoming very encouraging, let’s all keep the focus up and make sure the word get’s out there.

And finally, from my friend and fellow foreclosure fraud fighter, Mike Wasylik, have a look here at a massive foreclosure fraud scam he just uncovered….it potentially affects all you folks facing foreclosure sales in the immediate future.

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