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The Florida Supreme Court has spoken, and they have spoken loud and clear…

Fraud and Lies, Deceit and Trickery Are The Law of The Land

Why even bother with a court system anymore?   Why even bother with any kind of regulation or consumer protection against banks and corporations anymore? After all, from the federal government, right down to the local level, every agency and official has laid down with the lions and feeding The People to the lions….

The question certified to us by the Fourth District Court of Appeal in this case transcends the individual parties to this action because it has the potential to impact the mortgage foreclosure crisis throughout this state and is one on which Florida’s trial courts and litigants need guidance. The legal issue also has implications beyond mortgage foreclosure actions. Because we agree with the Fourth District that this issue is indeed one of great public importance and in need of resolution by this Court, we deny the parties’ request to dismiss this proceeding.






  • neidermeyer says:


    I can file any false document I want , defraud 89 year olds out of their property and if they try to fight back (and I haven’t already gotten a default judgement) … I can always file a one pager ,, withdrawal and escape ALL criminality … OUTSTANDING …

  • The people need to start sending messages to the Supreme Court and
    also the senators of Florida and the US senators and Representatives of Florida to demand change and justice. This is a matter of national security.
    The next bank economic crisis will totally collapse the US.
    The banks and wealthy, or either the government will be renting all the homes to the people and no one will own any property. Rent can be whatever they decide to charge, unlike mortgage interest. The case I’m complaining about
    in Duval County Florida is the poster child for bank fraud and judicial
    bias and crooked politics with Firms like Ackerman Senterfitt, who
    court hop to get the results they want, interfere with Foreclosure law and the latest tactic is that the judge has ruled we can no longer file pro se filings in the district court. Duval County 162011 CA 008422 162011CA 008420 Bankruptcy Case 3:12bk 005543PMG 3:10 005. Two foreclosure cases for one loan. Mortgages that were never filed on the records, filed and accepted by the judge in court. 13 million dollar property 1.4 acres of oceanfront land
    purchased by the Jacksonville Bank, the lender at auction for $300,000.
    then the title transferred to their affilliate company TJB Properties. This bank had filed ficticious filing for the name Oceanside Bank, Then they merged with themselves, or the fictitious filed name of themselves. None of their SEC filings reflect this loan, or the assets. The books don’t balance. The loan they issued for these properties (corporate loan) even includes the renderings and the architectural plans for the structure the people were planning to build on the property, a 49 million Green Oceanfront Condo 35 units, All Green L.E.E.D. approved. Now they have the property, and they can turn around and sell it themselves for millions in profit. The New Bank Foreclosure MOP….
    Economic Fraud. They have in the loan that none of the property is homesteaded yet they sold the homesteaded property that was required for cross collatteralization of the 6 ml loan as the first foreclosure a Riverfront Condo she’d had 29 years, Jacksonville Bank paid the taxes past due on it, (2) years, she’d been in personal bkrpty 2 years, and obtained that property worth $836K for 58K then the JaX Bank EVP Incandella, (lots of stuff on the internet about her from S CA , Chicago, to Florida ) sold it to another banker for $550,000, netting the bank another 500K in profit. Now they say they arent seeking deficiency judgment, because if they did, they would have to give money back. She petitioned the court to have state certified appraisal of the property they sold and obtained, 2 oceanfront condos, she’d offered the bank 500K for to forebear foreclosure, they refused, then bought them theirselves at auction for 135K and 175K transferred the certificates of all the property to affilliate TJB properties and sold it. When she asked for certified appraisals, this week, and a “sufficiency” judgment, the judge decided to rule that she couldnt file pro se any more and issued an order stating that. After he’d met ex parte with Sodi Senterfitt Atty. The actually sent a letter theyd sent to the judge that says per our conversation yesterday, here are the motions we came up with for you to sign. The judge never required original mortgages and
    various mortgages were used. They even foreclosed on a loan from a failed bank they claim was “assigned” to them by the bank. Fairfield Financial FDIC
    reg bank, is now State Bank and Trust, and State BAnk and Trust is a defendant along with the individual and her corporations in the foreclosure proceedings. To top that off, she had a personal bankruptcy in 2010. Senterfitt atty Jay Brown, is still filing motions in her personal bankruptcy, to have it dismissed or changed to chapter 7, despite the fact he says they arent seeking in personam relief, in numerous filings. He added 1.5 million dollars of unsecured debt to her bankruptcy case. She filed a corporate Chapter 11, and he had that dismissed, and they still foreclosed on her corporate property. Now he has corporate debt in her personal bankruptcy and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Every atty she had he threatened with sanctions and they withdrew, not only withdrew but withdrew their motions then the judge Wallace Waddell gave him default granted motions and default judgements and refused every stay she asked for. Talk about Fraud.

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